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Seaperia Meal - the superior supplement for all animals and birds

Seaperia Meal is simply the best natural and organic supplement you can buy to boost animal health.

Clean teeth and no more doggie breath!
Soothes skin conditions, gives a glossy coat, strong bones and teeth. Calms stressed animals.
Provides amino-acids and prebiotics for optimal gut health.
Boosts overall health and fertility.
Seaperia is 100% Ascophyllum nodosum meal - proven to be the best seaweed for dogs and all animals and birds.

Seaperia - the superior seaweed

Seaperia Soluble is our best-selling product to boost plant and soil health and maximise crops.
Whether you're a home gardener or broadacre grower we can supply the size you need.

Seagreens – Edible Seaweed Supplements

Seagreens Food Capsules – One of the best iodine sources. Natural alternatives for thyroid supplements, iodine supplements, or simply a delicious seaweed snack.

Feed the foundation of health with Seagreens nutritional food seaweed - the world's best edible seaweed backed by over 20 years of research.

Bundle and save!

Seaweed for you, seaweed for your animals and seaweed for your garden.
Get some seaweed in your life, grab a bundle and save heaps!

Which Seaperia product do I need?

Hi everyone! Liz from SEA here and in this quick video I'll explain the difference between our two products. 
Which product do you need - Seaperia Soluble or Seaperia Meal?

You can also head over to our Seaweed for Plants and Crops page or our Seaweed for Animals and Pets page for loads more info about things like ocean seaweed types, seaweed recipes and how our seaweed compares to dried seaweed, nori and other sushi seaweed.

Need bigger quantities?

20kg+ bags - no matter where you are in Australia we can get it to you by the bag or by the pallet.
Simply fill in our Big Bag Order Form.

Or you can pick up Seaperia in big bags directly from your nearest SEA Hub Farm and pay no freight!
Find out more here...

Where to buy Seaperia Seaweed

Seaperia is available exclusively from us - Seaweed Enterprises Australia.
Buy domestic sizes up to 4.5kg through our online store.
Big Bags (20 and 25kg) are couriered direct to you - use our easy Order Form
Bulk orders and pallets are sent direct from our Melbourne warehouse.
Email or phone us with your order and we'll get it to you no matter where you are.
We are a seaweed supplier to Australia. Buy seaweed online now!

Our online store

We post and courier to anywhere in Australia

All Seaperia and Seagreens products are available right now from our online store.
$10 flat rate shipping up to 5kg
FREE shipping on store orders over $150* (T&C's)

Buy in bulk

Big bags and pallet lots

Pick up Big Bags (20 and 25kg) directly from your nearest SEA Hub Farm and pay no freight. 
Contact Liz for half and full pallet quotes - we ship pallets all over Australia freight free to your nearest capital.


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