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Seaweed for animals

Seaweed Supplier to Australia

We’ve supplied Australia with Seaweed since 1974 when my father, Grahame West, started this business – almost half a century later, we’re still a family owned and operated business.
Our mission is to supply the people, plants and animals of our beautiful country with the best natural solutions for growth and nutrition.

Our best-selling product for animals

Seaperia Meal is proven scientifically and in field trials to improve the overall health, fertility and immunity of all livestock. animals, pets and birds.

Our best-selling product for plants

Seaperia is the superior seaweed for your plants, garden, crops, trees and pasture. Seaperia products are 100% pure ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

Our best-selling product for people

Seagreens seaweed products combine different seaweed species to provide a comprehensive and perfect balance of seaweed nutrients for easy everyday use.

Seaperia - our exclusive seaweed products

Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum, the particular seaweed species proven to be the best in the world for plant and animal health. 

100% Pure Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed

Ascophyllum nodosum is the most studied Seaweed in the world, and is proven scientifically and in field trials to be the most effective types of Seaweed for agriculture. Our Seaperia seaweed comes from Norway where it is sustainably fresh harvested under strict environmental standards. It is simply the best seaweed in the ocean.

Seagreens - our brand partner

Seagreens® is the finest edible seaweed, dried or fresh, in Australia and the world for human nutrition. We have partnered with Seagreens UK to bring you a range of superior seaweed food packed with health benefits, including capsules, granules and powders. Seagreens® seaweed is the product of experienced selection, sustainable harvesting, world-leading processing, and award-winning nutrition research.

Seaweed supplements for your health

Seagreens seaweed capsules and granules are incredibly high quality - discover the health benefits of just 1 gram a day of the world's best organic seaweed products. No other wild seaweeds for human consumption can deliver Seagreens’ experience and standards of nutritional excellence.

An Aussie family business

We have searched the world to bring to Australia the very best seaweed products available for plant, animal and human health. Here at SEA we are proud to be known as the seaweed experts - we’ve been using and selling seaweed in Australia since way back in the 70s - well before seaweed was widely known as a health giving supplement for all plants and animals as it is today.

Our blog

Our SEA blog is chockers with articles about seaweed, regenerative farming, seaweed organic growing and lots more. Is seaweed kelp? Is kelp seaweed? Is seaweed good for dogs? Find out in our blog!


Where to buy Seaperia Seaweed

Seaperia is available exclusively from Seaweed Enterprises Australia through our online store and through our SEA Hub Farm network. Email or phone us with your order and we'll get it to you no matter where you are. We are a seaweed supplier to Australia. Buy seaweed online now!

Our online store

We post and courier to anywhere in Australia

All Seaperia and Seagreens products are available right now from our online store.

Our SEA Hub Farms

For agricultural quantities: 20kg+ bags

Pick up agricultural quantities directly from your nearest SEA Hub Farm and pay no freight! Contact Liz for half and full pallet quotes.


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