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Seaweed for animals

Seaweed Supplier to Australia

At Seaweed Enterprises Australia we source the world's very best Seaweeds to bring you a range of products that are organic, sustainable and ethically produced. Seaweed boosts the health of every living thing, from the plants and crops we grow, to our animals, pets and livestock, to ourselves and our family.

Seaweed for animals

Seaperia Meal is proven scientifically and in field trials to improve the overall health, fertility and immunity of all livestock. animals, pets and birds.

Seaweed for plants

Seaperia is the superior seaweed for your plants, garden, crops, trees and pasture. Seaperia products are 100% pure ascophyllum nodosum seaweed.

Seaweed for people

Seagreens seaweed products combine different seaweed species to provide a comprehensive and perfect balance of nutrients for easy everyday use.

Seaperia - our exclusive brand

Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum, the particular seaweed species proven to be the best in the world for plant and animal health. 

100% Pure Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed

Ascophyllum nodosum is the most studied Seaweed in the world, and is proven scientifically and in field trials to be the best, most effective Seaweed for agriculture. Our Seaperia seaweed comes from Norway where it is sustainably fresh harvested under strict environmental standards. 

Seagreens - our brand partner

Seagreens® is the world's finest seaweed for human nutrition. We have partnered with Seagreens UK to bring you a range of superior food seaweed including capsules, granules and powders. Seagreens® seaweed is the product of experienced selection, sustainable harvesting, world-leading processing, and award-winning nutrition research.

Feed the Foundation of Health

Seagreens seaweed products are incredibly high quality - just 1 gram a day can make a positive difference to your wellbeing. No other wild seaweeds for human consumption can deliver Seagreens’ experience and standards of nutritional excellence.

The beginning of SEA

We are proud distributors of the very best seaweed you can get - Ascophyllum nodosum, wild-sourced from the ice cold waters of Norway’s pristine coast. Here at SEA, we are proud to be known as the seaweed experts - we’ve been using and selling Ascophyllum nodosum in Australia since way back in the 70s - well before seaweed was widely known as a health giving supplement for all plants and animals as it is today.

Our blog

Our SEA blog is chockers with articles about seaweed, regenerative farming and lots more.

How to store Seaperia

Seaperia Meal is easy to look after. Keep it dry and out of direct sun and it will last at least 3 years with no reduction in its health benefits or effectiveness. Seaperia Soluble has two benefitsRead more

Cancer Management with Seagreens®

The brown seaweeds contain significant levels of active anticancer agents, of which the polysaccharides - fucoidan particularly - and the soluble mineral iodine, have been the subject ofRead more

Recipe - Easy Beetroot and Carrot Rolls

Easy Beetroot and Carrot Rolls Ingredients: 2 puff pastry sheets cut in half lengthwise 1 cup grated carrot  1 cup grated beetroot ½ cup grated smoked cheese or vegan cheese alternative ½ teaspoonRead more

Seaweed and the Microbiome

It’s only in the past 15 years that scientists have begun to understand the true extent and importance of microbes. Until very recently we hadn’t really heard of GUT BIOME as an important componeRead more

Seaweed as Brain Food

Food poverty across the globe was once always linked to droughts and famines. Going into the 2020s though there is a new type of food poverty that is caused by depleted nutrients in our land grown foRead more

Seaweed and Radiation

Recently we were sent a question about radiation levels in Seaweeds around the world... "Hi Liz, thanks for the interesting read about Norwegian seaweed. I'm curious at to whether the NorwegianRead more

Power your Soil with Seaweed and Sun

The ancient Egyptians knew about the power of the SUN, they worshipped it as a God, and from our seaweed perspective they were right to do so.  The Sun powers the whole of Nature including HumansRead more

Yeomans and Keyline

Grahame, The Seaweed Man, is one of a group of people who watched the rise of chemical and industrial farming through the second half of the last century, but never let go of their dream for a betterRead more

Seagreens seaweed for Detox and Gut Health

Detoxification on a daily basis is important to rid the body of the multiple toxins it is exposed to in our environment and our modern lifestyles.  During weight loss programmes detoxification canRead more

Seagreens Seaweed for our own health and weight management

Seagreens® organic, dried and milled nutritious food seaweed is the ideal ingredient to enhance a weight management plan and at the same time it ensures a highly nutritious diet.   Seagreens canRead more

Save water in your garden with Seaweed

Have you ever been at the beach and picked up some seaweed and squished it in your fingers?  It feels kind of… well… not quite slimy but kind of like coarse jelly, if there is such a thing.Read more

Seaweed Therapy

The use of Seaweed Spray for growing food is a therapy that assists the natural process. By improving the health of all living things Seaweed helps the soil regain its fertility and allows the soilRead more


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