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Seaweed for plants & crops

Seaperia Soluble

Seaperia Soluble is our flagship product for plants and crops. Simply the best nutrients for plant health in Australia. As a plant health activator, rather than a seaweed fertiliser, it provides plant nutrients, minerals, amino acids and growth hormones that boost health, strengthen against disease and pathogens, builds roots and encourages exudates.
Seaperia produces bigger crops of higher quality, and a more even size and colour. Produce transports beautifully and has longer shelf life.
Superior to old-fashioned liquid seaweed products, Seaperia is 100% pure seaweed granules - you're not paying for water! 

Seaperia is the Superior Seaweed for plant health in Australia.

Here's why...

Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed - proven to be the world's best seaweed for plants and agriculture. 

Seaperia Soluble is dry granules that dissolve instantly and completely. You don't pay for water. Seaperia Soluble is super-concentrated - just one level teaspoon makes 10 litres of spray.

Seaperia Soluble contains no chemical sterilisers or stabilisers, common in liquid seaweed brands. 

We use 95% less plastic than liquid seaweeds, and we are working towards zero plastic.

Seaperia is sustainably harvested under strict environmental standards.  

Seaperia is exclusive to us, Seaweed Enterprises Australia, an Australian family company.Shop our online store or pick up from our SEA Hub Farm network - either way you buy direct and save!

The caterpillars are not as bad and the lettuces are handling the heat. We can see real differences in the crops!"

- Lisa, Qld

Seaperia is the superior plant health activator!

  • Seaperia is the best seaweed for plants. It is packed with more than 60 trace elements in an organic form that are readily available to your plant. These are essential macronutrients for plants - the building blocks of life. It also has vitamins and amino-acids, as well as alginate which acts as a soil wetter and leaf sticker.
  • Seaperia also contains complex substances known as "natural growth hormones" - cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, betaines and fucoidan. These amazing, naturally occurring substances boost nutrients in plants, growth of stems, leaves, roots and fruit producing a bigger, healthier plant and crop.
  • Seaperia applied at or near full bloom increases the proportion of blossoms which actually set fruit and carry through till harvest. 
  • Seaperia strengthens the cell wall of every living plant cell. Your plants are better able to protect themselves against disease and insects, and thrive during times of stress such as transplanting, pruning or too little/too much water.
  • Stronger plant cells and higher sugar content give your plants up to 4 degrees more frost resistance
  • Fruit and vegetables grown with Seaperia have better colour and more even size. Produce is firmer, so transports better and arrives at market in top condition.
  • Seaperia raises sugar levels within the plant and makes your plants unpalatable to insects. Leaf-eating and sap-sucking insects will simply pass them over. Meanwhile your healthy garden attracts beneficial insects and pollinators.
  • Seaperia raises chlorophyll levels by up to 70% which increases natural sugars produced by your plants. This means sweeter fruit and vegetables, plus Seaperia's mineral boost make them tastier and super-nutritious.
  • Seaperia boosts soil health, worms and microbial life. Your plants in soil exude sugars from their roots to feed the soil microbes in exchange for nutrients - more sugar in the plant means more exudate and healthier microbes.
  • Seaperia contains alginate, also found in sea moss in Australia & elsewhere. It's a sticky natural gel that holds approximately 30% of its weight in water, helping soil fertility and plant growth. Seaperia feeds the soil bacteria, flora and worms with essential elements, keeping them healthy, fertile and productive.
  • Seaperia can be sprayed over or added to compost heaps, potting mix and garden beds to boost fertility and reduce pathogens and magnesium deficiency in plants.
  • The benefits of Seaperia are ongoing - spraying on any crop or garden bed will benefit follow-up crops. This is especially useful when growing green manure crops that are re-incorporated into the land.
  • Seaperia becomes part of the healthy function and natural systems within your garden, ensuring that everything from soil microbes to worms and beneficial insects, bees, plants and trees... every part of your environment becomes healthier, and so do YOU! No need to call the plant doctor!

Scrap the old-fashioned liquid seaweed fertiliser! Seaperia has less plastic and no water - it's 100% Seaweed!


Great feedback from happy growers...

Seaperia on the left...
Seaperia on the left...

... and the opposite end
... and the opposite end

Serena from Kalunga Produce sent in these pics of their garlic crop.
"Hi, just wanted to let you know the huge difference in my garlic crop from one dose of your seaweed soluble granules. The dark green has had seaweed the other has had nothing different.
I was amazed how much it has made a difference.
I am extremely happy with the results from Seaperia Soluble, after just one application there was a significant difference in growth.
I applied it to one section to see if there was any difference.
The seaweed treated area was a lush dark green and much healthier than the section without seaweed which was a lighter green with less leaves and yellow tips on some leaves.
I am very happy with the results and have now started using it on my whole crop and in my veggie garden."



Mike (organic avo's, Northern NSW) sent us a couple of before and after photos - slightly different angle, same trees. This is what he said...
"First photo is pre, second was this week. You will see they were really really struggling, some if not all were close to total removal, most had little to none leaf growth, stunted and showing signs of phytophera.
Now they are jumping out of the ground, great structure and fantastic leaf cover.
Size appears better from previous years right across the farm on mature trees. It has also boosted the custard apples along, with great fruit set, great leaf colour and good branch and leaf growth. The same spray regime is used on the Avos, custard apples, bananas, vanilla and our veggie garden.
We will not change – sometimes one wonders why we go off something that works and gives good results, we will stick with the Seaperia as the proof is in the photos."

How to mix and spray Seaperia Soluble

So easy to use

Seaperia Soluble comes as dark, almost black, granules similar in texture to instant coffee. It dissolves instantly and will pass through the finest sprayer.

Seaperia is super-concentrated - a level teaspoon to 10 litres of water for a home garden, or a kilo per hectare for farmers, is all that is needed. 

You can also use Seaperia Seaweed Meal for soil and plant health.

About Seaperia Seaweed Meal

Seaperia Meal is simply dried and crushed seaweed. It is rich in alginate, a jelly like substance that holds up to 30 times its own weight in water.
Used dry and added to regular old Bunnings garden soil or compost, each grain becomes a mineral packed food for worms and microbes.
It provides essential plant nutrients - over 60 trace elements plus amino-acids and vitamins. 
Seaperia Meal is a must-have for your gardening supplies. It improves your soil, increases microbial life and promotes good crumb structure. It's perfect in seed raising mix and potting mix, compost and worm farms, and can be added to the hole when planting trees and orchards.

Seaperia Meal as a soil improver

"As always trying not to use much water in our raised gardens, general gardens and habitat areas, we sprinkle and mix into the soil 3 handfuls of Seaperia seaweed meal per square metre. 

Then, with all of our plantings, we put a sprinkle (about a dessertspoon) in the bottom of each hole to help retain moisture down where the roots need it. Our soil plants are doing very well with just the occasional watering (and until recently very little rain).
Also we add the meal to our potting mix for seeds, cuttings and potting up, using about 125g per 10 litre bucket of soil. 

We are also sprinkling 3 handfuls per 1 cubic metre on our compost bins, which get turned twice a week – heaps more earthworms now.

We haven’t done a scientific study but gut feel is that plants are happier and soil is looking and feeling moister and more alive."

The Habitat Community Garden, Ryde, NSW
(with thanks from us πŸ˜Š)

1 handful equals about 35 grams

Seaperia Soluble is jam-packed with complex natural substances that strengthen and invigorate every cell of every plant, boosting growth of leaves, roots and fruit.

Plus Seaperia has over 60 trace elements - plant nutrients that are naturally chelated and easy for your plants to absorb because they come from organic Seaweed.

You don’t need to know which trace elements your organic soil is missing because Seaperia can provide them all!

And your plants are stronger and healthier - they can easily and naturally protect themselves from disease, fungus and insects.

Our solution to plant nutrient deficiency. With just a couple of sprays of Seaperia Soluble over the growing season, you will have more, bigger, juicier, tastier produce than ever before. Your family and your neighbours will wonder what your secret is to growing such mouth-watering food.

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