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Grow your own Superfood!

So you grow your own veggies – maybe some, maybe nearly all! Good on you!

You do it because you care about what you and your family eat – you want the best.
You want to be sure that your food is chemical free and packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals.

And anyway, everyone knows that home grown just tastes better!

It’s the satisfaction of watching it grow – working your rich, hand-dug soil, making your own compost, you might have a worm farm, maybe a few chooks for their beautiful eggs and even more beautiful chook poo!

You’re going to have so much produce that you’ll be giving tomatoes and zucchini away to family and friends, swapping baskets full of carrots and beetroot for jars of delicious homemade pickles…

And then…


These leaves are yellow!... what’s these black spots?… I have lots of flowers but where’s the fruit?… these plants are struggling just to stay alive!… what’s going on???

This isn’t how it was meant to be!

You don’t even know why this is happening! What can you do?

Well… the answer is simple. And it’s 100% pure, natural and organic.


Seaperia is jam-packed with complex natural substances that strengthen and invigorate every cell of every plant.

Plus Seaperia has over 60 trace elements that are easy for your plants to absorb because they come from organic Seaweed.

So you don’t need to know which trace elements your soil is missing because Seaperia can provide them all!

And your plants are stronger and healthier - they can easily and naturally protect themselves from disease or fungus.

With just one or two sprays of Seaperia over the growing season you will have more, bigger, juicier, tastier produce than ever before. Your family and your neighbours will wonder what your secret is to growing such mouth-watering food.

And there’s one more bonus.

Your new veggies will be so packed with vitamins and minerals from Seaperia’s 60 trace elements that your home-grown fruit and veggies will be like superfood for your body.

And isn’t your family’s health the most important reason you grow your own food?

Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed - proven to be the world's best Seaweed.

Unlike liquid Seaweed brands, Seaperia's pure soluble granules contain no sterilisers or stabilisers, and we use 95% less plastic. 

If you grow vegetables or fruit... if you love your garden, your soil, your beneficial insects, birds and bees… if you grow veggies for the love of your family, your community and our planet you will love Seaperia - The Superior Seaweed.

A couple of messages from our very happy growers...

"Very excited to tell you that for the last 3 weeks we have been putting a spray, once a week of your Seaperia seaweed. So far the kale has improved amazingly. The caterpillars are not as bad and the lettuces are handling the heat. We can see real differences in the crops. Yay...."

Lisa - Barefoot Farming Biodynamic Fruit and Vegetables

"My peachicot tree had very sparse fruit every year, even though I was really working at it. This year I sprayed it with Seaperia right at flowering and now it is loaded with fruit. I think every flower became a peachicot! It's just amazing... and I haven't lost a single one to fruit fly!"

Greg - Qld

​Seaperia is the Superior Seaweed.

Here's why...

  • Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed - proven to be the world's best.
  • Seaperia is sustainably harvested under strict environmental standards 
  • Seaperia is exclusive to us, Seaweed Enterprises Australia, an Australian family company.
  • Unlike liquid Seaweed brands Seaperia's soluble granules need no chemical sterilisers or stabilisers.
  • We use 95% less plastic than the liquid Seaweed brands, which is great for our planet.
  • Seaperia comes to you as soluble granules that dissolve instantly in water. You can mix as much or as little as you want, and you can add it to other foliar sprays.
  • Seaperia is super-concentrated - just one level teaspoon makes 10 litres of spray. Our dry granules mean you're not paying for water!
  • Seaperia contains more than 60 trace elements in an organic form that is readily available to your plants. It also has vitamins and amino-acids, as well as alginate which acts as a soil wetter and leaf sticker.
  • Seaperia also contains complex substances known as "natural growth hormones" - cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, betaines and fucoidan. These naturally occurring substances act as triggers for important growth processes within your plants, for example they tell root cells to lengthen and so your plants grow a better root system.
  • Seaperia strengthens the cell wall of every cell within your plants. Your plants are better able to protect themselves against disease and insects, and thrive during times of stress such as transplanting, pruning or too little/too much water.
  • Seaperia raises sugar levels within the plant leaf to the point that your plants your plants become  unpalatable to leaf-eating and sap-sucking insects.
  • Seaperia raises chlorophyll and this increases natural sugars produced by your plants. This means sweeter fruit and vegetables, and the extra minerals make them tastier too!
  • Seaperia boosts soil health, worms and microbial life. Your plants exude sugars from their roots to feed their microbes in exchange for nutrients - more sugar in the plant means more exudate and healthier microbes.
  • Seaperia becomes part of the healthy function and natural systems within your garden, ensuring that everything from soil microbes to worms and beneficial insects, bees, plants and trees... every part of your environment becomes healthier, and so do YOU!

Many thanks to Abby Asplin for the beautiful photos of her garden, also to Barefoot Farming Biodynamic Fruits and Vegetables for their awesome veggie boxes.
The other pics are my place. The froggy, the bee on my asparagus, the Spanish omelette from my own chooky eggs, Dad's cabbage and Barefoot's beautiful spuds. 
Liz x


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