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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to our most common questions.
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How do I order?

Household size - Seaperia products up to 4.5kg, plus all Seagreens products are available from our online store and are sent Australia Post from Atherton Qld.

Big bags - Seaperia Soluble 20kg and Seaperia Meal 25kg can be ordered using our online form and are sent from either our Melbourne warehouse or our Atherton Hub.
Big bags can also be picked up from our SEA Hub Farms - pay no freight and pick up yourself.

Bulk quantities - half pallet and pallet quantities (can be mixed) please email Liz - liz@seaperia.com.au - includes free delivery to nearest capital city.

Do you ship overseas?

No we don't but if you are overseas and...

  • want to order Seagreens products, email info@seagreens.co.uk

  • want to order Seaperia products, please look for Ascophyllum nodosum products in your country.

Is Seaperia certified organic?

Seaperia is an allowable input for certified organic growers. Seaperia is pure seaweed - seaweed is an allowable input for certified organic farmers as long as it is pure seaweed.
Certified organic growers (eg NASAA, ACO) can use Seaperia even though it doesn't carry a certification logo, simply because it is pure seaweed.
Other seaweed products may not be pure seaweed and this is why they need to be certified organic to be used by organic growers. 

Is Seaperia seaweed the same as kelp?

Now that's a great question! Seaperia is pure seaweed and yes, kelp is a type of seaweed but Seaperia isn't made from kelp. Click here to find out more.

Do you grow and harvest the seaweed?

Seaperia is Ascophyllum nodosum, a particular species that only grows in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. You can find out more in our blog article "Why Norway?"

Are you an Australian company?

We sure are! We are an Aussie family company based on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland and supplying Australia-wide. You can read our family's seaweed story here.

Where do I find the Typical Analysis?

You can find our Typical Analysis, Technical Info and labels here.

Do you wholesale?

Seagreens - We are the Australian distribution partner for Seagreens UK. Wholesale price list available on request.

Seaperia - is our own brand. We have discount rates for minimum 10 bag purchases of any size Seaperia.

Please email liz@seaperia.com.au for current pricing of any of our seaweed products.

Where to buy Seaperia Seaweed

Seaperia products are available exclusively from us - Seaweed Enterprises Australia.

Email or phone us with your order and we'll get it to you no matter where you are.
We are the seaweed supplier to Australia. Buy seaweed online now!

Our online store

We post and courier to anywhere in Australia

All Seaperia and Seagreens products are available right now from our online store.
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FREE shipping on store orders over $150* (T&C's)


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