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Grahame: 0428 526 224

Big bag orders

Order your big bags for courier delivery

Want to buy a big bag or three of Seaperia Soluble 20kg or Seaperia Meal 25kg?

Simply fill in the form below, we'll flick you an invoice and deliver your order with Sendle couriers.

Delivery costs...*

  • National (includes some large regional towns across Australia)........ $35
  • Remote (includes some but not all regional and remote areas)..... $55

Use this link to Sendle to find out if you are classed as National or Remote. 

Some larger regional towns are classed as National.  Click on a cell on the list and use control F (on a PC) or command F (on a Mac) to find your town - use the bottom tabs to switch between the National and the Remote lists.
If your town isn't on the list it means Sendle don't deliver there, however we are happy to send to your nearest family or friend's address for you to pick up from there.

Want more than a couple of bags? Flick me an email for pricing by the pallet.

* These prices are meant as a guide only. Your invoice will include final freight cost - we will do our best to get your Seaweed to you the most economical way possible. We usually include insurance depending on where you are.

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Thanks for your order. You should receive an invoice within 24 hours.


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