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Potato Rot

The humble potato doesn't seem to have the resilience and lasting qualities it once had - in fact if not eaten quickly the average supermarket potato soon breaks down into a slimy, smelly mess.

Not so many years ago potatoes were stored for months without the need for coldrooms - gradually losing moisture they would slowly shrivel and grow shoots in the sack. After months of storage they would be soft but still full of nutrition - the shoots were rubbed off and those potatoes were scrubbed or peeled for dinner.

Apples as well would last for months in the fresh air in an open bowl, and when they shrivelled their flavour and sweetness would actually improve.

Our fruit and veg are not what they used to be, with little or no keeping ability unless they're in a fridge or freezer at low temperature... surely this cannot be right.

What can be the reasons for the decline in keeping quality of our food these days, and what are the consequences?

These days supermarket produce is forced to grow quickly with simple NPK chemical fertilizers, while many more vegetables are grown hydroponically in water.  These fruit and veg are lacking in nutrition and flavour because they don't have the full range of essential vitamins and minerals available to them as they are growing. Full of water and  lacking in fibre they have a short shelf life, and they quickly break down and rot.

By contrast produce that is grown using biological methods... seaweed, compost, and manures... are packed with nutrition, minerals and vitamins. As well these fruit and veg are high in natural solids and fibre - they are tasty and sweet and are essential to the health of yourself and your family. 
Seaweed in particular provides plants... and then you!... with around 60 trace elements, all essential for good health. As well it strengthens individual cell walls, thus strengthening the entire plant, building immunity and growing firm, healthy fruit.

It is estimated that today's fresh supermarket produce now contains just 20% of the nutrition it had just a generation ago. That's 80% less vitamins and minerals for your body.

Please relate this to our society and you will realise why so many people are sick with debilitating disease these days... I do not joke, we are all being dragged down this road towards an early death, or propped up by drugs through our old age.

You must make the choice...


There are so may farmers across Australia who have realised the difference - farmers who care and who are proud of the quality of what they produce. Every dollar you spend on their delicious, nutritious biologically grown produce is a vote against the supermarket's bland offering, and every mouthful is doing you good!

Blog post by Grahame


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