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Supercharge your soil with Seaweed

Take the next great step in Natural Regeneration by fixing more Carbon than you ever dreamed of, in the shortest time imaginable, without breaking the bank, buying fancy equipment or digging up your soil.

Simply spray the leaf of your pasture with Seaperia SUPER CONCENTRATED Soluble Seaweed, it comes DRY in granules, you don't pay for water... mix just one kilo with enough water to suit sprayer and spray onto one hectare... on the LEAF not the soil.

Seaperia Super Concentrate contains Growth Hormones and around 60 Trace Minerals, they penetrate THE LEAF and wake up the Sugar Making Cells, within one hour the plant leaves are pumping Carbon into YOUR SOIL feeding the soil life, increasing fertility and the Biome.

The soil microbes will explode into life making Nutrient available to all plant life and you will see your pastures become vigorous, green and very sweet plus higher protein... we have seen the difference Seaperia makes on our own land and it was amazing and your stock will love the new pasture.

Your soil will improve with every application and with every year you will experience greater depth of root system into a soil that contains moisture even in dry times because the land you stand on is ALIVE and RICH... giving back without having to add fertilizers.

Over time you will see your soil quite differently, like liquid gold it will give and give across the years because everything is there in truck loads, you will NEVER look back!

The Soil Digging Worms will keep your soil aerated and they will be there by the millions composting leaves down into the profile, making their tunnels to increase water penetration plus spreading worm castings, freeing macro elements that have been unavailable for many years, saving money for you.
Your worms will be bigger and healthier plus more alive than you could ever wish, because WORMS LOVE SEAWEED, the bigger and healthier the worm the more work they can do for you as unpaid workers... they are the ultimate indication of soil health and you only need a spade plus a little muscle to get a reading my friend.

Remember...Seaperia sprayed on the leaf not the soil is YOUR REAL SHORTCUT to a super regenerative future because seaweed wakes everything up quicker, much quicker, for YOU... so contact us today, don't waste time and money, make Seaperia a part of your future.

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