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Seaweed for people

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Our best-selling seaweed capsules and granules for your health

Seagreens Food Granules

90 gram

An easy-to-use blend to use by the spoonful, suitable for almost everyone.
Also available - Seagreens Culinary Ingredient.

What it is
Superfine granules of 4 species of seaweed carefully blended to give a specific nutritional profile optimised for our own health.

How to use
Seagreens Food seaweed is so versatile.  Sprinkle on food or add these soluble granules to cooking, smoothies or coffee. 

Serving size
1 gram - quarter teaspoon 
90g = 3 month supply

Seagreens Food Capsules

180 capsules

The perfect all-rounder that suits most people.
Also available in a 60 pack.

What it is
Superfine granules of 4 species of seaweed carefully blended to give an optimised nutritional profile that fills the gaps in our modern diet.

How to use
Swallowed whole daily or the capsules can be opened and contents emptied into food or drinks for optimal seaweed nutrition.

Serving size
2 capsules
60 pack = 1 months supply
180 pack = 3 months supply

Seagreens Iodine Plus Capsules

60 capsules

For anyone with a known or medically diagnosed iodine deficiency.
Also available Iodine Lite.

Ascophyllum nodosum is the species specifically used for dental health.

What it is
Ascophyllum nodosum in a fast-dissolving vegetable capsule.

How to use
Taken daily Iodine Plus provides the extra iodine you need in an easily absorbed organic form. 

Serving size
1 capsule
60 pack = 2 month supply

Seagreens The Mineral Salt

90 gram

For everyone wanting to reduce salt intake (and that should be all of us!)

What it is
50% Seagreens seaweed with
50% Celtic Sea salt

How to use
Add delicious umami flavour to your meals, The Mineral Salt is a health-giving condiment for your dinner table - recipes here!

Also available - Seagreens The Ruby One - just 25% salt!

Serving size
Place as a condiment on your table and use as required.
"Pass the Seagreens!"


Find out more

Is seaweed good for you? Are Seagreens the best seaweed supplements for gut heath? Well, head on over to our blog for more information and interesting articles about the benefits of seaweed for your health.

Feed the foundation of health

Seagreens premium edible seaweed products provide a little of everything needed by our bodies, and can fill the many deficiencies in our modern diet. They're also great energy boost supplements. Some of the many seaweed benefits.

Seagreens® is packed with seaweed nutrients and is free from harmful allergens and contaminants. Suitable for raw, vegan, kosher, halal and all special diets. Nothing added or extracted.

Mix and match for an all-around dietary boost. Take your Capsule every morning, add the dry seaweed culinary ingredient to your cooking and The Mineral Salt to your table... it's easy to enjoy premium daily nutrition with Seagreens. Experience the nutrients in seaweed for health.

Certified to European and USDA Organic standards and the Nutritious Food Seaweed Standard by the Biodynamic Association (Great Britain)

About Iodine

Is seaweed healthy? Yes! It is a fabulous fact that seaweed is rich in iodine. Iodine is essential for life and, although only very small amounts are needed, we need iodine regularly because we can't store enough in our bodies.

Iodine deficiency may cause extreme tiredness, feeling cold, problems concentrating and hair loss. And without enough iodine, the thyroid gland can become enlarged.

Iodine is essential for growth and brain development in children. The body uses it for bone and nerve growth, and also to use proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 

If you think you might be sensitive to iodine or if you have a known thyroid issue talk to your doctor. Some people will benefit from a lower iodine seaweed supplement and some from higher. The iodine in Seagreens seaweed is in an organic, readily bio-available form - since the iodine is already part of a living thing it is easily assimilated or expelled by our bodies. Organic iodine is far superior to commercial iodine supplements, and our customers tell us so!

Food Standards Australia New Zealand recommend 150µg for adults and up to 270µg for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Iodine comparison (data from 20 years of independent production analysis)

  • 1 Seagreens Food Capsules (.5g) ..........195µg 

  • 1/8 teaspoon Food Granules (.5g) ..........195µg

  • 1 Seagreens Iodine+ Capsule (.5g) ........350µg

  • 1 Seagreens Iodine Lite Capsule (.5g)....150µg

  • Other brand common kelp (eg laminaria) (.5g)... can vary from 350-2500µg

1g (gram) = 1000mg (milligrams) = 1,000,000µg (micrograms)

Seaweed for health - free downloads

Take your taste buds on an adventure with magic seaweed recipes!

Head to our recipes page to find out how easy it is to add extra flavour plus a powerful boost of nutrition to your everyday food. Seaweed salad anyone?

Seaweed is so good for health - just one gram a day of the world's best seaweed products is all it takes to feel the incredible benefits of seaweed! Did we mention there are hardly any calories in seaweed salad?

SEA and Seagreens - a proud partnership

In 2020 Seaweed Enterprises Australia partnered with Seagreens UK to bring a range of superior quality edible Seaweed products to Australia for human nutrition.

Seagreens pioneered the production of wild seaweed species in the British Isles and Nordic region, and for over two decades has led the field in applied nutrition research.

Their seaweed for health products uniquely combine different seaweed species to provide a comprehensive and perfect balance of nutrients for easy everyday use.

Seagreens seaweed products contain a little of everything needed by our bodies, and have the unique ability to fill the many deficiencies in our modern diet.

Seaweeds are incredibly nutrient dense - just a gram a day of Seagreens high quality seaweeds provides enough nutrition to give perfect balance to your daily diet.
And yet there aren't many calories in seaweed with just over one calorie (6kj) per 1g serve.

No other food is as sustainable as seaweed.

Seaweed needs no fresh water, no soil being tilled, no fertilisers or synthetic sprays, and Seagreens use no fossil fuels in production.

Seaweed is a nutritious food for our times, without parallel.

At Seaweed Enterprises Australia we are proud to work with Seagreens because we know they produce the highest quality nutritional seaweed in the world.

The full Analysis of every Seagreens product, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phenols, essential fatty acids, enzymes, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and numerous nutritional compounds, is available in its description on our online store.

Wholesale enquiries welcome.


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