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Seaweed and the Microbiome

It’s only in the past 15 years that scientists have begun to understand the true extent and importance of microbes. Until very recently we hadn’t really heard of GUT BIOME as an important component of personal health. In fact the thought of being surrounded and inhabited by bacteria can be quite confronting, but scientists now know that microbes are The Missing Link - the key to living a life where you can almost guarantee your future wellbeing.

So what is Gut Biome? In both humans and animals it is the microscopic life forms that live within your gut that break down your food to make nutrients available to feed your body.

Your first Biome is passed on to you by your mother at the moment you come into this world down her birth canal and you take your first breath, you are covered in placental fluid and the gut flora that your mother possesses NOW becomes your own.

The health of the mother’s Gut Biome directly affects the baby’s future health, either giving the baby a good start or a difficult one, as an unhealthy Biome may contain inferior species of gut life that are not conducive to good health and resistance to disease for the infant. 

As always it is a case of how nutrient dense the mother’s diet was… what she ate and how it was digested. Did she have a diet rich in fresh whole organic foods, or did she survive on high fat, high sugar, over-processed meals of inferior, chemically grown foods.  

Your gut biome rules your existence, from the moment you put food in your mouth to when our food re-appears to be flushed from the porcelain… your biome makes nutrients available from your food to your body and without biome you would die. 

Your gut wall houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system. You might not attribute digestive problems with allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, acne, chronic fatigue), mood disorders, autism, dementia, and cancer but many diseases seemingly unrelated are actually caused by gut problems.

And then there’s the “Gut Brain”, a complex system of nerves found in the lining of our gut that is very similar in structure to our brain. Again scientists are finding that a healthy biome is essential for our mental health, and poor gut health is linked to disorders such as depression and anxiety.

A poor Biome causes Plaque to form on the tooth enamel next to the gum, it is made of Sugar and Carbohydrates in a symbiotic relationship with Bacteria. This Bacteria releases Acids that cause many problems, not merely within the mouth but within other parts of the body.

In the mouth it causes gum and teeth problems giving out bad odours released with every breath, this is caused by the rotting of the gum flesh and decaying cavities in the teeth caused by those bacterial acids… Plaque in the mouth can travel to the Brain, Ears, Eyes and Heart and become the cause of problems such as Alzheimer’s, Deafness, Cataracts and Heart Disease. 

This may get howled down by the medical profession but there are reasons to believe that the above is true… because if Plaque is eradicated from the mouth these things are effectively eradicated, it is believed by many natural health practitioners.

You cannot give a dog a Placebo, this is obvious… A dog given Seaweed Every Day on its food will quickly become free of Plaque and Gum Disease and its general health and mouth health will be vastly improved. The animal’s bad breath, which is the signature of the problem, will disappear and the animal’s wind will be greatly improved due to a lack of Methane gas from the gut.

You can see that I do not separate the animal from the human and I would expect you to understand why without me explaining… the similarities between us are too close to have to explain further at this time.

To be healthy our Gut Biome needs Organic Nutritious Food, grown in soil with its own flourishing soil biome, The Gut and the Soil BIOME have many similarities. Like the Gut Biome, a healthy Soil Biome is also populated by both Bacteria and MicroFlora which are essential in providing Nutrients to plant life. This is important to the nutritional quality of the plant, and determines the health of the animals or humans that eat those plants.

Before the invention of Synthetic Toxic Farm Poisons, our children would be allowed to play in the garden on the earth, in the mud, sucking their finger as they do, but now it would be a foolish parent who would chance this play… the child’s Biome would surely be compromised by all the un-natural Chemicals generally in use today.

Soil Biome fixes natural Nitrogen in soil, by the life and death cycle of the Bacteria in the soil profile. This natural nitrogen is far superior to our modern replacement, Urea. This chemically produced form of nitrogen releases 100 times the carbon dioxide of that applied to the land and is a real link to Global Warming.

Biome is found within and without most living things… We humans have the same biome on our skin as in our gut, this external biome protects our skin from attack by disease and spores, keeping the skin healthy, whereas on plant leaves there are Bacterial Biome that are called ‘Plant Policemen’ as they protect the leaf from pathogens from entering via the leaf Stomata, these particular bacteria are highly hydroscopic ( soak up water ) and are released by the trees to cause rain over the forest at the correct time when the air is saturated. The Amazon creates its own rain at 3 o’clock every afternoon.

Take heed, using Farm Poisons on plant leaves or Detergents on the skin will kill the vital protective biome and cause a breakdown in that protection, allowing disease to enter through the protective skin layer on plant and animal alike. 

This is the CIRCLE OF LIFE; everything goes in circles on this planet and its solar system. Even within our own Cells infinitely small atoms spin, just like the solar system. And our spinning planet is but a giant compost in space that started around 3.8 billion years ago aboard this rocky dot in the universe. We live in a giant Biome, a microbe soup with bacteria everywhere… in the atmosphere, on everything we touch, the food we eat, on our own skin and inside our bodies… microbes have even been found digesting methane 2 kilometres below our earth’s surface. But now our planet’s Compost Biome, its very life-force, is under attack by manmade poisons in the billions of tons.  This could be seen as a death wish by us when considering the consequences of our actions.  

For our own health a poor Biome can be altered for the better quite quickly by including just 1 gram of high quality Seaweed in your diet each day. Even with a perfect diet, the combination of many things – including our depleted soils, the storage and transportation of our food, genetic alterations of traditional heirloom species, and the increased stress and nutritional demands resulting from a toxic environment – make it impossible for us to get the vitamins and minerals we need solely from the foods we eat. Dieticians across the world are beginning to recognize the value of Seaweed as an important addition in our diet, to provide that extra nutrition lacking in so much of our modern food. 

Seaweed can fill these nutritional gaps in our diet with its more than 60 easily absorbable organic minerals and vitamins, plus it builds our Biome with its amino-acids and probiotics.

It’s like an all-in-one Super Food for your gut Biome, your body and your brain.

And not only can Seaweed do this for us, it has the same effect on microbes everywhere -  for our pets and animals gut health, our healthy soils and the food we eat.

So can mankind changes its ways, or will the sea eventually cover the very soil we depend on for sustenance and only the highest ground protrude above the salty waves, will we  degrade into small tribes once again, as our populations decline through Water Wars, Lack of arable land to grow food, Disease Pandemics due to overcrowding and a lack of nutritious food, will global change and warming become a reality, will the increase in all forms of Cancer be a critical part of our demise, as greed and power by the pharmaceutical companies cause our demise. Will natural old-world medicine eventually  become dominant, and will the sea wash the land of the invasive farm poisons spread by man, making it eventually suitable to be repopulated by the Biome that is the source of our life on this Earth.

Will we have learned our lesson once and for all or will we again continue the CIRCLE OF LIFE. This is an experience that grew from the earliest compost Biome, as rock was digested by algae, bacteria and mosses in primordial times. 

Mankind’s Biome and Mitochondria within our cells give us life and relate us back to the earliest forms of life that grew out of the primordial soup to become possibly the highest form of life ever to exist……. or is it all a dream? 

Will I awake to find that I am part of the Biome on an infinitely smaller world within a tiny cave in Wonderland with Alice and the Mad Hatter, a Tiny Mouse and Grinning Ginger Cat….. AAAGH this has to stop. 

Blog post by Grahame
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