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Seagreens The Ruby One



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What's in it
75% dried ground Seagreens┬« native wild seaweeds Dulse (Palmaria palmata) and Winged Kelp (Alaria esculenta)
25% natural Dorset sea salt
in a glass condiment shaker bottle. 

Also try Seagreens The Mineral Salt - 50% Ascophyllum nodosum with 50% Dorset sea salt. 

Nothing added or extracted - non-allergenic.

What it does
Replacing salt with nutritious British wild seaweed was an innovation when Seagreens┬« introduced The Mineral Salt in 2011 - half the salt and twice the flavour!
The Ruby One takes this further still, in a uniquely flavoursome blend of 2 aromatic seaweeds and only 25% salt.
You can add real flavour to your food with just a quarter of the salt and a naturally salty umami flavour which many liken to 'smokey bacon'.

How to use
Pass the Seagreens┬«. Sprinkle it on everyday foods instead of salt and replace salt in baking. 

International research has shown the significant correspondence between reduced daily salt intake and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and stomach cancer. (1). A low salt intake of 4-6g daily halved the cancer risk for men versus those using 12-15g a day; in women it was 35% lower (2). 50% wrack seaweed with 50% salt was an antidote in rats fed salt at levels causing heart failure (3).
Seaweed is also an excellent source of iodine which contributes to normal thyroid, nervous system and cognitive function, and normal growth in children. 
1 Ge S, et al. Association between Habitual Dietary Salt and Risk of Gastric Cancer: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies. Gastroenterology Research and Practice. 2012;2012:ID808120.
2 Japanese research published in the British Journal of Cancer, 2003. What the Scientists are Saying - Health Scare of the Week. Report in The Week, January 17, 2004.
3 Yamori Y, et al. Dietary Prevention of Stroke and its Mechanisms in Stroke-Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats - Preventive Effect of Dietry Fibre and Palmitoleic Acid. Journal of Hypertension. Supplement. 1986;4(3):S449-52.

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