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Seaweed for animals & pets

Looking for Kelp? We have Australia's #1 seaweed for animal health solutions

How seaweed benefits your animals and gives you peace of mind.

  • Reduces plaque and tartar, improves smelly breath

  • Raises fertility in males and females

  • Increases resistance to infections

  • Reduces parasites, internal and external

  • Gives a shinier coat and brighter eyes

  • Healthy joints and bones

  • Reduces allergies and promotes healthy skin, reduces body odour.

  • Optimises digestion and gut health

  • Improves stamina and performance

  • Calms stressed animals

  • Optimises healthy growth 

  • Reduces mortality rates of young animals

  • Optimises healing from injuries or surgery

  • Provides a complete and balanced range of minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids

What our happy customers say

Seaperia Seaweed Meal

Seaperia Meal is simply dried and crushed seaweed for animals & pets.
It's easy to add to wet or dry feed and is our biggest selling animal health supplement in Australia.

Seaperia Meal is rich in minerals and vitamins in an organic and bio-available form that is easy for animals to assimilate.

It also provides amino-acids and prebiotics for optimal gut health, improving digestion and ensuring animals are able to make the most of available feed.

Seaperia Meal boosts overall health and fertility, and is proven for optimal dental health in pets, acting as a natural cat and dog teeth cleaner.

Seaperia is 100% Ascophyllum nodosum meal - proven to be the best seaweed for dogs. Seaperia Meal is simply the best natural seaweed food supplement. Seaweed for animal health solutions.

Seaperia Soluble

Seaperia Soluble is super-concentrated granules that dissolve easily and stay in solution without settling out.

Seaperia Soluble can be used as a cost-effective supplement added to your animals' drinking water - its the perfect seaweed for animal health solutions.

On feed crops and pasture it improves sweetness and palatability, plus your animals benefit from the higher nutrition food. 

Seaperia Soluble sprayed on your pasture is proven to boost immunity and overall health of stock. 

It has been proven in trials at Texas Tech University that cattle feeding on pasture that has previously been sprayed with Ascophyllum nodosum have strengthened immune systems.

Rates of use as supplements - seaweed for all animals & pets

Weights and measures

Seaperia Meal
1 level teaspoon = 6 grams
1 average handful = 35 grams

Seaperia Soluble
1 level teaspoon = 4 grams 

Where to buy Seaperia Seaweed

Seaperia products are available exclusively from us - Seaweed Enterprises Australia.

Email or phone us with your order and we'll get it to you no matter where you are.
We are the seaweed supplier to Australia. Buy seaweed online now!

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