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Seaweed success stories - real experiences from our customers

If you want to know the results you can expect from Seaperia, what it feels like to take Seagreens, or what it's like to buy from us, then this page is made for you.
Scroll through and see why our Seaweeders are so loyal and so important to us.
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An order arrives!

" The Iodine Lite and bath pack is for my 1 year old baby who had quite bad eczema as an infant. It has mostly cleared up now but I've just had this product recommended so hopefully this will help to completely clear it out. I am also going to try the food capsules as I am breastfeeding"

Thanks Elissa, good luck! Seaweed is excellent for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Amazing results with Seaperia!

Bev and Mike from Corymbia Cottage Permaculture Farm near Bundaberg sent in this fantastic video of the beautiful produce they grew with Seaperia. 

Check out their before and afters... you will be amazed!

An order arrives!

Unboxing video featuring Emmy and Skyla.

"Skyla had her first dinner with seaweed tonight. I have taken photos of her teeth and will retake them in a few weeks to share with you"

Thanks Emmy!

An order arrives!

"Hi Liz, Just received my parcel and I am so excited ! Your Dad has been fantastic and like you said, he added some more valuable info on the different products. He also added a personal note written by hand and a lovely little picture of a dog. Just love the personal interaction with your Co. I have the feeling that I am going to take these seaweeds for a very long time, and my whole family and friends too. Thank you :) Beatrice from Geraldton "


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