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Grahame: 0428 526 224

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We're an Aussie family business - ring us anytime!

Contact Grahame

mobile : 0428 526 224
email : grahame@seaperia.com.au
22 Countryview Drive
Atherton Q 4883

Contact Liz

mobile : 0422 332 162
email : liz@seaperia.com.au
84 Bushnell Road
Wondecla Q 4887

Grahame at the production plant in Norway 1985

Grahame at the production plant in Norway 1985

About us

Seaweed Enterprises Australia is a family company based in Far North Queensland and supplying Seaweed to growers across Australia through our Melbourne warehouse, our SEA Hub Farm network and our online store.

We're dedicated to educating everyone about this amazing gift from nature, and we're on a mission to help farmers and growers move away from our chemical past and towards our regenerative future. We believe this has to happen for the future of our children and our planet.

We've been into Seaweed since the 1970s and we are the Seaweed Specialists.

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Where can I buy Seaperia

Seaperia is available exclusively from Seaweed Enterprises Australia through our online store and through our SEA Hub Farm network
Click here to go to our online store and buy now.
Click here to find your nearest SEA Hub Farm.
Or email or phone us with your order and we'll get it to you no matter where you are in Australia.
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