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6 Reasons why you need Seaweed this Spring!

How much do we LOVE Spring! The weather is starting to warm, new buds are bursting and spring flowers are blooming... baby animals and butterflies, birds and bees and outdoor barbecues!

Seaweed will make your garden bloom, your animals frolic and put a spring in your step, so here we go with 6 reasons why you need Seaweed this Spring…

1. Your plants are loving this extra sunshine, so spray with Seaperia Soluble now. Seaperia boosts photosynthesis giving the plant more energy to grow. Along with it's 60 trace minerals and natural growth hormones, Seaperia plus sunshine is a match made in garden growing heaven!

2. Fruiting plants are flowering now… stonefruit, citrus and vegetables. Spray those flowers with Seaperia Soluble and you will have more fruit this season. Seaperia has natural hormones which trigger the flowers to become fruit, and later sprays will maximise sweetness and size. 

3. Spring is prime-time for insects! It’s wonderful to have new beneficial insects in our gardens but what about the not-so-welcome ones? If you spray regularly with Seaperia Soluble you won’t have a problem! Your plants will be strong and healthy with high brix – leaf-eating insects will simply pass them over in favour of unhealthy low brix plants (you can read more about this here).

4. Composts need warmer weather to raise the temperature inside the heap and get those microbes working. Give your compost a kickstart with a handful of Seaperia Meal. A quick fork through and your microbes will be happily multiplying, transforming your garden clippings into a natural "fertiliser". In just a few weeks your Spring garden beds will thank you when you give them a hit of your new super-compost.

5. What about all those bouncing baby animals… sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses, dogs… all animals benefit from a daily dose of Seaperia Meal in their dry ration. Supplement during pregnancy and the babies will be born strong and healthy. Supplement after the birth and the mothers will have more milk to feed their young, and the milk will be super nutritious for the baby.

6. Most importantly… what about YOU! You want to be happy and healthy and full of life too! A daily dose of Seagreens will give you a lift that only 60 minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients from the world’s highest quality seaweeds can. 

So this year SPRING into Spring with the natural super-goodness of Seaweed! Come Summer you’ll be so glad you did!

Blog Post by Liz 


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