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Fruit trees + Seaperia = sweet success!

Over the years fruit in general has become virtually tasteless in comparison with what can be remembered in years gone by... not so long ago I was in the north of England at the site of an old farm in what was the apple orchard. There were just a few hardy, old, gnarled trees left and I wandered around the leafless autumn branches, above my reach just one large apple survived. I knocked it down, it was an old-fashioned Bramley and as I sank my teeth in its wonderful flavoursome juice ran down my face... WOW that is what apples used to taste like!

Since about 1950, when chemical fertilizers were introduced to our world, food has gradually become almost tasteless... okay the younger people would not realise this, but if they could taste what we know they would know the truth, know the difference. Our world has almost forgotten what wonderful flavour our food once had.

Fruit is something that should be sweet when ripe, full of juice and packed with nutrition... but that is not now the case. Nowadays fruit is nutrient poor and you can tell that by its lack of flavour and sweetness.

This is actually a national and world disgrace and it is all down to a long educational process from the huge multinational chemical industry in conjunction with the chemical fertilizer industry worldwide...the use of simple NPK fertilizer and synthetic toxic chemicals has to take all the blame for the dreadful state of our food. Many farmers are realising how they have been used by these companies in their relentless pursuit of profit and growth.

We make no apologies for our views as it is all true, everyone should accept this fact.

BUT NOW like never before the Fruit Grower has a shortcut to producing wonderful sweet, tasty fruit and it's easier and cheaper than you think!
Seaperia SUPER CONCENTRATED Soluble Granules are the answer and the KEY to all the problems ... Our Seaweed has three natural Growth Hormones plus a huge range of minerals that penetrate the leaf when sprayed causing it to make more sugars. Most are stored in the fruit and thirty percent go into growing a bigger root system, picking up nutrient, creating more growth and a larger crop. Yes, it's a win, win situation!

Seaperia Seaweed is YOUR ANSWER this season. Spray your trees now while they are flowering and you will have more fruit set. Spray again as the fruit is growing and your fruit will be delicious, sweet and beautifully coloured - people will be clamouring to buy your superior produce and friends will be knocking at your door wanting to know your secret!
Blog Post by Grahame.


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