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Dulse Red Seaweed 7g




Take your taste buds on an adventure.

Yes folks this is it... the famous "bacon flavoured" seaweed.

Wild harvested in the UK this beautiful seaweed is prized across the world for its smoky, salty flavour and rich plum red colour.

Dulse can be used in all types of food during cooking or sprinkled over as a fabulous looking condiment. Add a tablespoon to your dry ingredients when making bread... wilt into risottos, toss into pasta or salads, and sprinkle over pizza. 

Our Dulse is sustainably wild harvested using SeagreensĀ® proprietary methods and technologies at different locations to ensure consistently high quality.
At certain times of the year it can have a white mineral bloom, this is perfectly natural and delicious!
Harvested areas and plants are carefully selected, monitored and documented. Processing involves ambient air circulation or low temperature drying and milling without the use of fossil fuels. All of this is designed to retain nutritional integrity.
SeagreensĀ® Dulse is non-allergenic and free from harmful contaminants.

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