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It works 5 times faster!

Seaperia Soluble Seaweed Spray works five times faster when sprayed onto the leaf and not the soil... this is a fact. 

Foliar sprays are preferred by many growers these days because they can see the response more quickly. This is because the seaweed solution passes directly into the plant and doesn't have to go the long way round... into the soil, then up through the root system and only then into the plant to do its work.

Because Seaweed uses photosynthesis just like land plants, Seaperia Seaweed contains substances that are also already in your plants - natural growth hormones such as cytokinins and gibberellins. Every plant needs these substances to trigger important growth functions - Seaperia boosts the levels of these essential growth promoters, and they are easily absorbed by the leaf simply because the plant "recognises" them. 

The same is true for the 60 (yes Sixty!) Trace Elements in Seaperia - because they come from Seaweed they are in an organic, carbon-based form that the plant can easily recognise and absorb. It passes directly into the plant leaf, instantly fixing any mineral deficiencies, making the plant stronger and less susceptible to insect and fungus damage.

And as a bonus Seaperia has it's own natural "sticker" - a jelly-like substance in Seaweed known as alginate ensures that the Seaperia stays on the leaf.

Sprayed onto the leaf our Seaweed triggers the plant to make far more natural sugar, which builds larger root systems and bigger healthier plants producing more fruit, grain, nuts, tubers and so much more on Your Farm!

One kilo of our Seaperia Seaweed in water makes enough spray to cover an entire hectare of crops or pasture, and you see the response FIVE TIMES FASTER. In fact researchers have found substances specific to Seaweed present in the roots of a plant within an hour of spraying it onto the leaf.

Five times quicker and many times more economical per hectare than anything else you can buy, Seaperia has so much more for the farmer than almost anything else on the market today because of its complexity and natural base.

Seaperia Seaweed costs less because it comes to you dry as a granule, not in plastic drums full of water weighing a ton! You have your own water, there's no need to transport it then have to rid yourself of damn drums, right?

Seaperia comes in 20kg bags that are easy to carry and store, and the empty bags can go straight in your Council wheelie bin saving you time, money and rubbish.

Seaperia's SUPER CONCENTRATED granules are instantly soluble and will pass through the finest nozzle because it never settles out.

Here at SEA we are the seaweed experts, we only sell seaweed - unadulterated, pure, clean and organic. We guarantee Seaperia will make a difference to your farm and to your life.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you win the battle on your farm.

Blog post by Grahame.

Top photo - credit to Scott Harness in the Burdekin for growing these awesome beans and sending us this great photo! Scott has our SEA Hub Farm at Clare.


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