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Value bundle 4 - Ultimate Pamper Pack



Our Ultimate Healthy Life Pamper Pack for you and your family, including the furry and feathered ones!

This value bundle includes...

  • 1 x Seagreens Bath Pack (6 bath bags in a pack)
  • 1 x Seagreens Mineral Salt
  • 1 x Seagreens Pet and Equine Granules.

Nourish and nurture your body and skin with SeagreensĀ® pure, organic seaweed with Seagreens Bath Bags.

Add umami flavour and a nutrition kick to your food with Seagreens Mineral Salt.

Pamper your pet with the absolute Gold Standard in Pet and Equine seaweed supplements. Perfect for the meticulous pet parent who only buys human grade food for their pet.

The Ultimate in high quality seaweed products, these are all human nutritional grade seaweed... yes, even the Bath Bags!

That's $93.95 value for just $82... save $11.95!

SKU: 10000-6 TAG: Value Bundles

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