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Seaperia Pure Soluble Seaweed 20kg




Seaperia Super-concentrated Soluble Seaweed in a big 20kg bag.

Buy by the bag or buy by the pallet.

We can send an order direct to you, or if you live close by you can pick up freight free from your local SEA Hub Farm. 

It's easy to order...

Simply fill in this form to order big bags of Seaperia and have your order delivered by Sendle couriers.

Shipping costs vary from around $25 to $55, follow the form link for more info on shipping.

Do you live near Mackay Qld or Lindendale NSW?
Click here to go to the SEA Hub Farms page to find your nearest SEA Hub Farm, order online and pick up yourself... freight free!

Contact Liz for pricing by pallets of 10 bags or more. 
Happy to send samples prior to purchase.

Pallet quantities are freight free from our Melbourne bulk warehouse to your nearest capital city!

All prices include GST. 

Discover the power of pure Seaweed and see what it can do for your crops and livestock.
Seaperia Soluble Seaweed is super-concentrated - just one kilo per hectare on all crops, pasture and trees.
Our Seaweed is simply the best Seaweed you can buy. Sustainably harvested from the icy waters off the Norwegian coast, Seaperia is 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum... proven the World's best seaweed for agriculture.
This natural, organic gift from the sea is the most complete and perfectly balanced concentrated source of trace elements and minerals available. With its naturally occurring growth hormones, chelating agents, plus vitamins and amino-acids, Seaperia is a power-house of natural goodness.
You're not buying water! This single bag is the equivalent of around 100 litres of any brand of liquid seaweed.
No heavy lifting... 95% less plastic to dispose of... no sterilisers or stabilisers.
Seaperia is 100% pure seaweed... try it today, you'll never go back!

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