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Guacamole with a seaweed hit.

How to make the best guacamole recipe. Spruce up your simple guacamole recipe with a seaweed hit. It can be used as guacamole for nachos or anything else.

Who doesn't love guacamole? Spruce up your next guacamole recipe, or add it to your superfood bowl and get everyone guessing what the new flavour is!


  •  Avocado

  • Red onion

  • Flat-leaf parsley

  • Crushed garlic

  • Lemon

  • Seagreens Culinary Ingredient

  • Seagreens Mineral Salt


How to Make

Here's how to make the best guacamole recipe...

Take your standard Coles guacamole recipe ingredients; smashed avocado, red onion, flat-leaf parsley, crushed garlic and a squeeze of lemon. You can also add a bit of Tabasco or chilli if that's what you like. Guacamole is always better with a spicy kick!

Now add some natural goodness plus a flavour hit... half a teaspoon of Seagreens Mineral Salt and half a teaspoon of Seagreens Culinary Ingredient.

Mix well and serve up at your next barbecue.

Don't let your superfood recipes secret out straight away! 

It can be used as guacamole for nachos, tacos, burritos, or anything else you can fathom!

You could also use the Seaweed "caviar" (see the following recipe) instead of the dry Culinary Ingredient.

Add a few frosty beverages and see where the conversation takes you!



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