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How to store Seaperia

Seaperia Meal is easy to look after. Keep it dry and out of direct sun and it will last at least 3 years with no reduction in its health benefits or effectiveness.

Seaperia Soluble has two benefits that are important factors in making it such an amazing product... 

  • It is incredibly soluble 

  • It has no sterilisers or stabilisers 

These two factors also mean that the way you store it is important.
Following these easy guidelines will ensure your Seaperia will last for years if necessary.

Seaperia Soluble is possibly the most soluble seaweed product on the market today.
This attribute makes it highly hygroscopic - the granules want to soak up water and will attract moisture even from the air. 

Keep your Seaperia Soluble in the driest place you have... a warm place in your shed is perfect. You may choose to put the bag in a sealed container especially when humidity is high.

Seaperia Soluble 20kg comes in two inner bags that are completely impervious to moisture. It's when you open these bags it becomes vulnerable to moisture in the air.
We advise that you place the bag that has been opened for use into a sealed drum. Push out all the air and tie the inner bag with cord, then close the outer bag tightly and seal the drum.
This will become an automatic response for you but remember to advise your workers of what to do. 

Small packs of Seaperia Soluble come in a heavy resealable bag for your convenience. Always make sure the zip is completely closed - you can store the whole bag in an air-tight container.

If you have a larger bag, say 1kg, but only a small garden we recommend taking some out of the bag and making yourself a "using" container. I keep enough for my garden in a glass jar, that way I'm not opening my full bag all the time just to take a teaspoon or two out.

If one day you find you have a hard lump in your pack of Seaperia don't panic! 
It can still be used quite easily.
Simply put the lump into a container with at least 5 times more water than the size of the lump. The lump will break down into a strong solution of Seaperia which can then be used just as normal, mixing it with water until it looks like a strong cup of tea.

If you look after Seaperia Soluble it will work effectively for years to come. However if moisture is allowed to enter mould spores from the air can infect it over time and it will no longer work as it should. Mould and fungus eat organic material breaking it down and changing it radically.
Remember Seaperia contains no sterilisers.

Once your Seaperia is mixed always use it that day. Don't try to mix up a concentrate in water for future use - seaweed has its own sugar called Mannitol, which as it breaks down creates gas and this can burst your container.
This is also the reason that liquid seaweeds contain sterilisers, to make their products shelf stable. The problem is these sterilisers can be detrimental to soil microbes and soil health, and this is why we don't use them!

Look after your Seaperia and it will look after you!


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