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What makes Seaperia different?

(This blog was written before we changed our brand name to Seaperia - at the time it was Seagreen)

Our 2 Seagreen products are simple, natural and pure.

Both are 100% Ascophyllum nodosum, the worldโ€™s best agricultural seaweed.

One is soluble granules and the meal is simply dried, chopped up seaweed.

Because they are pure seaweed both can be used in many different ways...

Seagreen Soluble can be sprayed onto crops, pasture, fruit trees, compost, or given to animals in their drinking water or sprayed onto their hay.

Seagreen Meal can be added to soils and compost, or fed to animals in their dry feed or included in licks.

Seaweed is becoming increasingly popular these days as farmers are looking for more sustainable ways of farming, and so there are many big companies who have jumped on board with all sorts of complicated formulas and products.

So we are different too.

We aren't big business chasing big profits, we don't have lots of money to pay scientists or salespeople or marketing gurus just because it's what the market wants.

We are miles ahead of them though, because Dad (Grahame) has been selling this exact product since the 1970's. He has worked with farmers all over Australia and has seen incredible results on all types of farms.

In the 1980โ€™s we had one of the first organic farm supply stores while my uncle had probably the first Biodynamic bakeries in Australia. He bought bulk whole BD wheat, ground it with a huge stone grinder and made the most incredible bread youโ€™ve ever tasted. He also butchered his own BD cattle and made meat pies to die for!

We do what we do for the same reasons that you do what you do.

Itโ€™s important work for the future of our children and our planet.

And we love it!

Blog post by Liz


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