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Seaperia Seaweed for healthy plants, animals, soils, people and planet!

We believe Seaweed is one of the best, most health giving products in our world.  Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed is the best type to use for farming and gardening as it has been proved by science in exhaustive trials to have numerous mineral trace elements, vitamins, gelling agents, sugars and natural growth promoters for plant life in its makeup. You can personally prove the remarkable benefits of seaweed and enjoy good health by taking it yourself (available from health food shops).

Seaweed is the complete deal for animals or plants. Science worldwide plus farmers and gardeners have proved the addition of seaweed to your farm or garden gives a smile to the face and dollars in the pocket plus better health for all concerned. Animals such as cows, goats, sheep, pigs and horses show real benefits in its use. You cannot tell a cow that it will be healthier, give it a placebo or trick it with words... animals know instinctively, they crave seaweed when it is fed and you will plainly see the extra health, weight gain, milk, meat quality and more. I have been told that you won't have to bring in your dairy cows again they just come in themselves they love it so much. Manure from these animals is enhanced by the seaweed, giving you the double bonus of healthier animals producing amazing manure to regenerate your soil.

Science has proven that the feeding of seaweed meal to animals increases fertility and stops many diseases due to the better health of stock. At the Norwegian Seaweed Research Institute in trials it has been proven that cows live longer by years and have more calves with less disease. Proof of its use is documented and in books such as โ€œSEAWEED and Plant Growthโ€ by T. L. Senn PhD.

Seaperia Meal or Seaperia Soluble is not expensive and it goes a long way. A mere teaspoon (5g) per cow per day of seaweed meal, or a kilo per hectare of the soluble granules in sufficient water for spraying the area is enough.  The effect will amaze you every time.

Seaweed contains Alginate, a sticky gel that holds approx 30% its weight in water helping the soils fertility and plant growth. Seaweed feeds the soil bacteria, flora and worms with essential elements, keeping them healthy, fertile and productive. Seaweed Meal can be dug into the soil of gardens, sprinkled on compost as well as being fed to chickens, ducks and pigs etc .

You can mix Seaperia Soluble with supplements such as fish emulsion to make a liquid tea and pour over the compost or to water plants to reduce stress in replanting.

The use of seaweed in the world is becoming widespread and popular on conventional and organic farms because of its complexity due to the mass of minerals that are available.  We believe the new interest in seaweed has come about as the problems due to the overuse of synthetic, chemically simple fertilizers over many years become evident. Macro nutrient over use combined with the lack of natural micro mineral replacement after harvest are depleting the precious top soils of our planet.
Now we are returning to your farm or garden those important micro nutrients missing after millions of years of them being washed down the rivers from the land to the sea.

In these modern times a farmer does not have to live by the sea to enjoy seaweed's benefits, modern science has formulated methods that help you to have the goodness of this simple yet remarkable sea plant right here so that you can produce tasty, mineral rich food for everyone and gain better crops with the best price possible.

Seaweed Enterprises Australia has PURE Seaperia Seaweed Products in both Soluble and Meal form for use on your farm at very reasonable prices.     

Quantity is no problem, you may need a kilo or by the tonnes... we can supply. Your order is important to us and can be delivered anywhere. Seaperia does not contain water so it is cheaper to transport to your farm and it is cheaper per hectare to apply.

Quality assurance of the product from the Norwegian Producer to you is assured. Testing is carried out to ensure that every batch is to their top standard of purity and reliability.

Contact us soon to find out how Seaperia pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed can benefit your farm, your family and you! 

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