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Seaperia is THE KEY to changing your soil

Seaperia Seaweed is your key... the SHORTCUT you have been looking for to growing better, healthier, bigger crops on your land without waiting for the biology of your soil to improve... crazy you say, never been told this before. Please read on and I will explain as simply as I can.

Over many years you have been told that you HAVE TO ADD FERTILISER TO YOUR SOIL to grow crops, and this was fair enough once upon a time, but haven't you spent enough money on all those chemical fertilizers year after year.  Your soils are probably bursting at the seams with locked up Phosphates, perhaps enough for several generations because you were told by the experts that "IT IS NECESSARY!"

Just in the last few years scientists have unlocked a truth that will blow your mind, and it's very simple... 'The use of soluble seaweed on the plant leaves actually unlocks the Phosphorus in the soil for the plant to use, because of the symbiotic relationship between the plant root and the soil microbes. The effect is triggered when Seaperia Seaweed's amazing natural growth hormones and minerals penetrate the leaf and flood the sap with nutrients and sugars right to its roots, where it drips that nutrient into the soil around the roots feeding the microbes which EXPLODE in their Trillions, breaking down the locked up phosphates giving back all the money you have spent.'

Yes its true... Those hormones called Gibberellins, Auxins and Cytokinins do many things, including making sugar in the leaf within an hour of spraying.  Prove it with your Brix Meter, and if you haven't got one contact The Meter Man, David Von Pein in Toowoomba, because you really need one.

Remember it isn't just Sugar Cane that needs sugar, ALL PLANTS NEED IT! Sugar is also in Fruit and Nuts, Potatoes as carbohydrates, it makes pastures more palatable to livestock and most importantly it MAKES ROOTS GROW LONGER and stronger.

Seaperia Seaweed becomes a part of the natural cycles on your farm. It feeds your plants from the leaves to the roots, from there it feeds the soil microbes and unlocks nutrients, your livestock eat the plants and benefit from the extra nutrition and then their enriched manure feeds the soil again! Seaperia builds stronger cells in all living things, increasing immunity to disease and stress, from the smallest worms to the biggest bulls. It is truly a gift from nature.

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Blog Post by Grahame.


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