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Sugar isn't just for us sweet-tooths!

When it comes to sugar and farming I know the first thing we all think of is sugar cane. There are many of you reading this who are cane farmers, but sugar is important to every farmer.

Plants use chlorophyll to trap the sun's energy and then use it to produce sugar via photosynthesis. This sugar energy is either used for growth, exuded through the roots to feed the microbiome or stored within the plant.

Cattle and other animals will always favour pasture that is higher in sugars. We human animals prefer to eat fruit that is sweet and ripe than green fruit that has less sugar content. In all animals including us, our taste buds have developed to tell us which food has the most energy and is better for our survival and so our brain tells us sweeter is better.

But what does this have to do with Seaweed?

Well, as I mentioned plants use chlorophyll to produce the sugars they need for energy - we all know that chlorophyll is why leaves are green.

Seaperia increases the amount of chlorophyll in the leaf and so increases the amount of sugar energy the plant can produce.

This simply gives you bigger, healthier plants plus more, sweeter fruit. It gives you sweet grass that cows love and sugar cane crops with a higher sugar content. It gives you healthier soil as the plant can grow longer, stronger roots that produce sugar-rich exudate to feed your soils microbiome.

This is a very basic explanation of a very complex system, but as they say, the proof's in the pudding. It's just nature at work and when you try Seaweed you will see the difference.

Wait.... did someone say pudding!

Blog post by Liz


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