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Carbon and Carbs

Understanding soil carbon as a component in the success of your farm is very important for every farmer worldwide... it is the Primary Unifying Factor in soil health, for the main component in soil carbon is organic matter - this is what gives soil its dark brown colour and rich earthy smell.

Our grandfathers knew this - they would pick up a handful of their soil, squeeze it between their fingers, break it with their thumb, then smell it to find out if everything was OK... they knew instinctively if it was sweet or sour, and how rich it was for their next crop.

It seems obvious to me at this time that we need to learn again those simple ways that cost nothing and yet are worth so much... after all Organic Matter is simply food for the Bacteria, Fungi, Worms and other organisms that make natural nitrogen and other important elements available to plants.

We have to understand that plants do not take much Carbon from the soil, they mostly take it from the air. Other inorganic Carbons in our soils are such things as Charcoal, Brown Coal and Calcium Carbonate - these are very stable stored nutrients and may last hundreds or even thousands of years.

Active Carbon (Labile Carbon) is made up of composted living organisms, residues and manure...unfortunately modern soil tillage reduces this active carbon out of your soil as Co2 back into the air very quickly.

The conversion from Ammonium to Nitrate to feed plants is dependent on composted Carbon, soil bacteria, warmth and oxygen... cold, waterlogged soils limit this important process dramatically.

Understanding your soil and building Carbon and humus will save you money in the long run... all this can be sped up with the use of Seaperia Seaweed Spray on the leaf of your crops increasing plant sugars and carbohydrates as they are the building blocks of Carbon on YOUR farm.

PROVE THIS by spraying Seaperia on any leaf, within an hour take a Brix reading and see the huge burst of Sugar energy Seaweed gives... you will be amazed and you will never look back.

Blog Post by Grahame


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