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Sheep, Wool and Seaweed

Supplementing with Seaperia will boost the overall health and fertility of your flock... your lambs will grow stronger as their mothers will have more, richer milk, with less mastitis and health problems. Rams will be more fertile and ewes will produce more lambs over their lifetime.

Over many years we have proved that Seaweed improves coat or hair in all animals... better hair, hooves, nails and even teeth is simply a product of better nutrition and a healthy gut. In sheep this should produce a finer and stronger fleece.

No farm or station has perfect soils, there are always mineral deficiencies and this must have an effect upon the animal... in the case of Sheep, wool growth and wool quality can be affected. 

A very small quantity of Seaperia Meal per head will provide your stock with a complete and balanced range of easily absorbed, organic minerals. It also contains complex substances, such as betaine, that help sheep through times of stress such as heat.*

Seaweed given to Sheep reduces Methane output by converting it in the gut to protein, the builder of fleece. Seaweed makes the gut more aerobic improving digestion and helping the sheep make best use of feed.

Norwegian Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed is proven to be the Best in the World by farmers and by science in all forms of Animal and Crop use... this is not an idle boast but proven in real use by growers like you on farms and stations Australia Wide.

Picked fresh from the pristine waters of the Norwegian Fjords, washed and dried, Seaperia Meal comes in 25kg bags as a green, fresh meal - you can still smell the sea. 

If you prefer to supplement through drinking troughs you can purchase 20kg bags of Seaperia Soluble Granules, like instant coffee they come dry so you don't pay for water, heavy plastic drums or high transport costs.

And one more wonderful benefit - your sheep will naturally spread the goodness across your paddocks, increasing soil fertility and creating a natural cycle of good health on your farm.

*"Responses to betaine and inorganic sulphur of sheep in growth performance and fibre growth" Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition Vol98 Iss 6 Dec 2014

M. Nezamidoust, M. Alikhani, G. R. Ghorbani, M. A. Edriss

Blog post by Grahame

Top photo with thanks to my mate Deni, a portrait of her sheep called Fancy Pants. 


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