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Change is scarey (but it doesn't have to be)

The world is changing. That’s nothing new.

What is new though is the rate of change now that information is so easily and quickly accessible, and so easy to share.

How we grow food is changing, and so is what we want to buy. As consumers we are so much fussier than we used to be, because we have information at our fingertips about what we should be eating for better health, how to find the best produce and cook it so that it tastes amazing, as well as the impact our choices are having on other people and our planet.

Many people are choosing to grow their own food or to buy direct from the farm. And, whether by choice or by market pressure, many farmers are looking at their entire operation and contemplating how they need to change to fit with what consumers want.

And that’s where the scary part comes in.

Imagine you had a job that you’d been doing for years. It’s a great job and you love going to work every day – you reckon you're really good at what you do.

Then suddenly one day the boss comes in and says “Look mate, we’re not happy with the way you do things and we want you to completely change and do it our way. There’s a bit of a catch though.
If you can’t get our way to work we’re not paying you.
If our way really doesn’t work eventually you might have to give up your house and land to pay for your mistakes.”

You’d say “That’s not fair.”

But this is exactly the pressure that many farmers feel they are under right now.

Consumers are the boss in the story... farmers are the worker. Every purchase we make affects what farmers do... what crops are grown, how it is grown and how they get it to market.

If you were the worker (the farmer) you’d say “I’m not making a big change like that, but I will change bit by bit, very gradually, so that I can figure it out as I go along.”

And this is exactly what farmers can do.

Growers can make this gradual change by using Seaweed.

Seaweed is a great first step towards your successful regenerative farming future.

It is used by conventional, organic, regenerative, biodynamic, permaculture… in fact seaweed is used in every type of farming system that you can think of.

If you’re a conventional farmer who wants to improve your soil health and spend less on your standard NPK fertilisers make a plan this season to try a paddock with say, 25% less nitrogen and use 2 or 3 sprays of Seaperia instead.

Seaperia helps plants make better use of available nutrients by building a stronger root system which supplies more exudates into the soil. This works together with the natural biostimulants in the Seaweed to boost your crop and your soil health.

So even though you’ve used less fertilizer your plants will get more benefit. And the fact is that you probably have generations of nitrogen locked in your soil in an unusable form, just waiting for a natural chelator like seaweed to make it available again.

This means more money in your pocket PLUS your soil will be a step closer to its optimum health.

Change can seem daunting and scary especially if you feel like you’re doing it alone.

But you are part of our SEA family and in the farming community there are many who have walked in your shoes. Some you can learn from, and some you can teach. We’re all in this together.

You can ring us any time – we are a true family business and just like you we are always on the job.

We can help with whatever changes you want to make, and our network of SEA Hub Farmers can also provide you with a wealth of information specifically for your local area.

Change is here, and we believe the future is looking very, very good.

Contact us to talk about how other farmers have integrated Seaperia into their soil health and farming systems. 

Blog Post by Liz


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