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Be Brave

Where do you want your farm and yourself to be in 5, 10 or 20 years? Do you want to be doing what you're doing now? Chances are, if you're reading this blog, you want more.

You are doing your day-to-day jobs, getting through each day's work, but in your mind you have a grand vision.

You want a farm that is truly working to its full potential, a farm that you are proud of and that provides a happy and healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. 

Well, you could just keep doing what you're doing, getting through each day.

Or... you can be brave and make a change. 

And that change, that first small step, can be as simple as adding a couple of sprays of Seaperia Seaweed to your routine.

It can be the change that changes your life. Grahame explains how...

"Cytokinins are a real breakthrough in plant foliar technology as farming moves forward in the twenty first century...science has unlocked it's secrets making possible fascinating new methods of increasing crop size while developing knowledge of nutritional aspects not considered before.
This knowledge goes far beyond soil chemistry that has dominated farming for so long... science now has unlocked plant mechanisms that were thought of as not worthwhile ten years ago.
The Cytokinins in Seaperia, when sprayed on to the leaves of crops, increase Chlorophyll in the leaf beyond normal thus improving the leaf's ability to take up Carbon Dioxide... we are all told daily of the enormous amount of Co2 in our atmosphere, leaf Carbon capture harvests valuable Co2 for your and your soil's benefit.

Harvesting Co2 is the new technology, Co2 is free for the taking by the tonnes above every paddock and it can be drawn down by enlisting the power of Cytokinins on YOUR farm.

Carbon is the key to all life and healthy soil should hold five times the amount of Carbon held in the air... unfortunately industrial farming methods are working against most farmers with the overuse of chemical fertilizers burning up the soils Carbon, plus over-tilling of soil releasing Carbon as Co2 into the air.

Many farmers buy seaweed for its mineral content and fertigate their crops to feed the soil. This is one method but it misses probably the most amazing part of seaweed's makeup... CYTOKININS are only taken in by the leaf. This amazing hormone literally changes the course of farming 'on its own' because it hands you the farmer an extra tool kit in your battle to make money and run your farm successfully.

No matter what you grow - from pasture for stock, sugarcane or potatoes, fruit or nut trees, canola or sunflower, wheat, barley, Lucerne and so much more YOU WILL benefit from Seaweed.
Farmers across Australia are hurting right now, so you need to BE BRAVE and just have a go... you will be amazed by the results if you simply use Seaperia Soluble Seaweed ON THE LEAF, not the soil, because the natural Cytokinins in Seaperia are the ultimate step forward beyond what you have ever used in the past."


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