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Organic hay - a personal experience

Our mate Sharon has goats near Mackay, and she also grows hay.

She sent us this photo and these were her comments...

"Hi Liz,
Guess which bale of hay is ours. It is 2kg heavier than the other bale and our animals leave no evidence behind!
Seaperia Soluble seaweed has meant we got a great harvest after frost and are well on the way to another great crop. It is a pity that I can't include the smell in my email. It is the best smelling hay I have come across in quite a while :)
Kind regards

We always love hearing from you, no matter where you are or what you do, whether you use our Seaperia or not.

I particularly loved the following.
These are comments that were written on one of our Facebook posts, and they're also about hay. The lady who wrote them, Maree, wasn't a customer at the time but I really loved her in-depth account of her experiences. This is what she wrote...

"Hi, I have no connection to this firm. I write this because I am keen to see more people employ a non chemical attitude to farming. I have come to learn that organic is so much better not to mention safer. Here is the reason.

We farmed organic hay (non certified) for 12 years. We employed non chemical methods (and were considered "strange" by farmers around us who fertilised with & sprayed with numerous chemical JUNK regularly).
Seaweed was fertigated onto our crop as a part of our farm health plan and regular soil tests were done (by a person who actively promotes natural is better).
Regular comments were received as to the look & vibrance of our crop, the sweet smell of our product, condition & gleam on coats of our own animals (fed exclusively our own hay & the fact that regarding our customers all animals our hay was offered to were keen to tuck into it & did very well on it. The keeping quality in a humid environment was superior too. If u read this & r considering seaweed, dive in & give it a try. There "is" a better way to farm & it does not include chemicals. 

I'll add that we actually had a "waiting list" for people waiting to come on board as regular customers. I saw a very interesting article recently on my newsfeed (sorry, I cannot remember from where) about a farmer in far north qld who sprayed his Sugar Cane crop & was surprised at rise in superiority & yield gained.

I was not surprised. People I think just don't think seaweed can be sooo very good because it comes from the ocean perhaps? I don't know but it is applied in a very, very diluted solution. It really is good gear, you just have to throw out your old way of thinking & be prepared to give it a try. Earthworms become abundant & in large amounts (another plus for crop health).

We have sold our farm & comments have been made about it's healthy looking grass and, now that it is dug up, the soil - sadly it is no longer going to be organic.

I am hoping to still grow some hay (on a smaller scale). I will be in touch with you when I get organized to purchase your product. I have had neighbours comment, "ok, so what about the weeds etc. how does organic stop those?" 

Well, your whole attitude has to become a holistic approach. The seaweed is a great place to start & that is ongoing. Hay in particular is very good at being a nutrient hungry crop. The correct organic fertilizing improves the ground over time. We found that bugs became a non event. Our neighbours would have huge problems however, although we would see a few our crop was not eaten or damaged. We put this down to the fact that because we didn't spray chemical we had a healthy ecosystem of crop friendly predators who feasted on whatever ventured in.

We also planted a legume amongst the grass to raise the nitrogen level naturally. The same legume then grew low & thick thus choking most weeds. The grass grew up above that legume. Any weed that persisted my son & I would dig out manually or burn with a gas burner. Legume would work great between rows of trees as well & could be kept mowed.

I wasn't always organic & have farmed the other way. I won't go back. Healthier for human, animal and absolutely better for the environment. Every one person who steps up & gives it a go will be surprised. It is good gear, cost effective & it works."
Maree, we think you are fabulous!

Blog post by Liz with thanks to Sharon and Maree on Facebook


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