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Seaperia vs good old NPK

Firstly I want to say... this isn't rocket science, it is good old common sense and it works.

I am simply sharing our knowledge and adding a very simple tool to your line up of effective, non-toxic products. 

Many farmers are already using Seaweed - most brands come in plastic drums with lots of water and other additives, and are only around 20% Seaweed.

Seaperia is different because it is simply dry, pure Ascophyllum Seaweed. 

Firstly can I ask, do you really want to pay for water, plastic drums and transport costs that weigh heavy on our pocket and on our planet?

If the answer is a definite 'NO' we have the problem solved... Seaperia SUPER CONCENTRATED Seaweed comes to you DRY like instant coffee, as granules that quickly dissolve in cold water passing through the finest nozzles.

Seaperia comes in easy to carry 20kg bags and you use only one kg per hectare on most crops, sprayed on the leaf not the soil... this method is five times faster, more effective and quicker than fertigation. 

Seaperia Seaweed Spray isn't like anything you've used before. It doesn't fix problems... it doesn't even let them get started.

We often hear from farmers that their plants are not picking up various elements in their soil even though soil tests show that there is plenty in the soil. Their plant roots are very short, the plant growth is poor, the insects are attacking the crop or they have leaf fungus spreading.

Normally it would mean multiple drums of expensive chemicals, but if the crop had been sprayed with Seaperia Seaweed all these problems would not have started and a panic response would not be necessary. 

OK let's take the problems in order...

NPK fertilizers eventually become a problem - we have seen where Phosphate and Potassium are there in the soil but the plants have difficulty using them. How is this possible? The answer is to spray Seaperia Seaweed on the leaf not the soil. Seaperia is proven to boost root growth and increase exudates. The problem will rectify itself and improve season after season as exudates feed your microbials which unlock and utilise the phosphates already present in your soil.

Insects do not attack plants with a Brix reading in their leaf of over 16. This sugar level makes the plant indigestible so insects simply fly past feeding elsewhere. Seaperia also halts fungus so there is nothing to kill.
It is so simple and easy.... spray Seaperia BEFORE you have problems, not in a panic mode after the damage is done.
Seaperia is 'a gift from nature'... you can easily eliminate modern farm problems, take a step further with the use of Seaperia Seaweed Spray.

You see Seaperia contains amazing natural growth hormones for plants, like CYTOKININS which increases the Chlorophyll for sometimes weeks, helping the plant to repel insect and fungus attack.

Seaperia also contains 60 natural trace elements that are important in so many processes within the plant and soil, including replacing the minerals that you take away every time you harvest.
Perhaps you haven't really thought of that aspect of farming your soil before... yours is not an easy job that's for sure, but Seaperia can help you build your soils fertility and crop resilience, and the effect compounds every time you use it.

Blog Post by Grahame.


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