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Organic minerals

Elements are the building blocks of the universe, and of life on Earth. 

All life on Earth is based on the element carbon. Interestingly there is speculation that life on other planets could be based on other elements such as silicon.

Minerals occur in 2 basic forms... "hard" minerals that are contained in rocks, and "soft" or organic  minerals that are part of living things.

When you need extra minerals for your plants or your animals this is the choice you have. 

Remember though that for living things to be able to use these minerals they have to be in an "organic" form. In this case organic doesn't refer to a method of growing, it means that the minerals are attached to a carbon atom.

Hard minerals include inputs such as rock dust, which is simply pulverised rock from areas rich in particular minerals. Once spread this rock must be broken down by microbial activity into an organic form that can be assimilated by plants. Rock dusts are a useful input for your farm or garden but you have to wait a long time for the microbes to do their work.

The organic minerals in Seaweed are the same elements, the same minerals, but in an instantly available, organic form. These trace elements are already part of a iving thing, so when you spray Seaperia your plants are able to use those minerals instantly to build cells and to grow strong leaves, stems, roots and fruit.

And it's the same when you supplement your animals with Seaperia Meal - those organic minerals are easily absorbed by their body. They become strong cells, a strong immune system, a healthy body and strong bones - they are not wasted, going in one end and out the other!

And one more thing... it's the same for you! When you have Seaweed in your diet the essential minerals are taken up instantly by your body. 

So many supplements these days come out of factories and are made as cheaply as possible. Those mutivitamin and mineral tablets you spend good money on... is your body actually using those minerals or are they just being flushed away!

Minerals are the building blocks of the universe, but organic minerals are the building blocks of life. 
Seaperia Seaweed gives you over 60 trace elements in an organic form!
Beautifully pure, clean and natural.

And instantly available.

That's why Seaperia is the superior way of getting those minerals you need.


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