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Seaweed Therapy

The use of Seaweed Spray for growing food is a therapy that assists the natural process. By improving the health of all living things Seaweed helps the soil regain its fertility and allows the soil to heal itself naturally.

We all know that, given time, Nature will itself heal our battered soils and microbial life.

Working with nature in a regenerative way of growing we can see our soil gradually change and come back to life.

We can help that process along gently and naturally with Seaperia Seaweed.

Seaweed truly is a gift from Mother Nature - pure and organic, it is a soil and garden "conditioner" that becomes part of the natural cycles in the micro-environment of your place.

Sprayed on the leaf of plants its effect is almost immediate in raising chlorophyll levels.

More chlorophyll in the leaves enables plants to produce more sugars, which are then used by the plant to grow and to feed its microbes in the soil around its roots.  

Seaperia's balance of organic minerals and natural growth hormones gives the plant power to produce superior quality exudate, packed with minerals and sugars, which the plant feeds to its symbiotic microbes through its roots.

Those microbes become super-healthy, multiply like crazy and feed the plant even more nitrogen, potassium and other macro minerals directly from the soil. 

This cycle continues and the plant thrives, growing larger and healthier, producing vitamin and mineral-packed, nutrient dense food for us.

And as it dies the plant is consumed by the life in the soil, once again becoming nutrient dense food for worms, microbes and beneficial fungus.

The entire cycle fed at every level by Seaperia Seaweed. 

Seaperia is packed with minerals, vitamins and amino-acids that feed and improve the health of plants, animals and soil alike.

The amazing fact with this whole Seaweed cycle is that the effect is ongoing.

Cattle can be fed seaweed meal with their rations - it boosts health and raises fertility and immunity. But the effect is the same if the cattle are simply feeding on pasture that has been sprayed with seaweed!

Incredible I know, but scientifically proven at Texas Technical University in the US.

We have seen two paddocks of canola side by side, one fully a foot higher than the other.
Neither crop had been sprayed with Seaweed.

But the taller canola was growing on a paddock where the previous crop of potatoes had been sprayed.

Seaperia becomes part of the natural cycles in your garden and farm and it repays you over and over.

It provides gentle, natural, effective therapy that works with nature to provide good health for ourselves, our environment and our planet.

Blog post by Liz and Grahame

Top photo - Seaweed grown vegetables from Ivan and Mary Searston (they were delicious!)


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