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Power your Soil with Seaweed and Sun

The ancient Egyptians knew about the power of the SUN, they worshipped it as a God, and from our seaweed perspective they were right to do so. 

The Sun powers the whole of Nature including Humans like you and I. Every part of nature works on electricity in one way or another, which is given free to us from our Sun twenty-four hours a day as our planet circles around it like a giant electrical generator, for it is the universal power.

From the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy this universal design is in play. A circular motion travelling through endless space. Our planet is a ball of rock with an iron core - it produces countless millions of volts of static electricity which come to earth constantly in storms.
Lightning supplies the lifeforce down to the living earth where it powers the soil and everything that lives.

All plants developed to use the Sun’s rays by Photosynthesis so as to produce Sugars for several purposes, and none of them for sweetening your tea or making lollies… Sugar is Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, the givers of life itself.

Carbon is a part of many plants and trees in a solid form as wood. Carbon is importantly humus in good fertile soils.

Next, Hydrogen the most abundant element in the Universe - it is extremely volatile and is promoted in this new world as a clean fuel.

Lastly, Oxygen an element we all take for granted, but without it we are nothing.

By Spraying Seaweed onto the leaves of plants the Cytokinins hormones help produce more Chlorophyll in the leaf than usual, then these supercharged leaves make far more sugar with the aid of Sunshine. This sugar helps the roots to grow bigger supporting far more fine rootlets with their feeder hairs and feeding your soilbiome with nutrient and sugar rich exudates.

These roots feed by cationic exchange not, as some would imagine, by simply sucking up liquid from the soil.  
This cationic exchange is an amazing process where the plants root hairs shoot out hydrogen molecules in exchange for whatever element they need at that time. This all happens at an atomic level and is powered by electrical charge.

Plants are sensitive and instinctively know what they need. In other words, even though they don’t have a brain like ours, they are intelligent. Plants have the ability to know what their diet should be and how to get it. Sugar again is at the center of the equation with the plant feeding out sugary exudates from its root tips to feed the bacteria and soil fungus, which then proliferate greatly. The microbial life EXPLODES around every root, the countless trillions of roots increase their nutrient uptake and its effect can be seen above ground in the crops size and bounty of fruit, seed, leaf and general growth. 

It is not to do with Chemical or Organic Fertilizer or Nitrogen in a Sack, its to do with raw energy and electric power from the Sun. Electricity runs easily through our soils on the moisture (HYDROGEN+OXYGEN) and the metal elements like iron, gold and copper. It also runs along the fungal pathways of fine mycelium that join up the roots of trees in a forest. The energy produced from the suns radiation carries survival messages from tree to tree like a giant computer network. They then inform each other of what is happening from every direction. The roots feed the fungus with vital sugars and minerals and they respond by feeding nutrient to the trees. A symbiotic process of the highest regard.

Frazer Island is an amazing example, a silica landscape of glass sand from the sea, it has few minerals of any use to plant life yet boasts some of the largest trees in existence… no minerals, no fertilizers, no food for plants within this soil. But the trees and plants survive drawing their energy from the Sun and Air. This is an Extreme case of survival, the leaf takes in Carbon, produces Sugars for Carbon/Timber and also roots to carry water (Hydrogen/Oxygen) back up to the tree canopy to make new green growth and leaf, then the process starts once again. 

Plants fix many things from the air upon their roots. Nitrogen used by plants for growth is abundant within the air above every metre of land on Earth. It is not necessary to make Urea (using around 3% of the Worlds Energy) for growing crops, there are natural methods which are cost neutral, fixing Nitrogen in fertile soils every day all over our World. And there are now many people willing to show you how it is done with not a chemical in sight.

Man made nitrogen as Urea is extremely destructive to our soils fertility. One kilo of Urea releases one hundred kilos of Carbon from the soil profile reducing the soils fertility and Humus, reducing the soils ability to hold moisture which normally keeps the soil biome alive. Many farmers buy Urea by the tons, so ten tons of Urea releases 1000 tons of Carbon, a very expensive price to pay on modern intensive farms worldwide. This is a big reason for the degradation of soils and the huge increase in Co2 in our atmosphere. 

Natural Nitrogen from soils rich in the humus sponge produces fertility. With carbon drawn down by plant leaves as Sugars, then combined with natural moisture produced from the Hydrogen given out by the root system it is mixed in the coolness of night by the drawing down of Oxygen into the soil. This simple action protects the soil biome (LIFE) which feeds the plants by the exchange of atoms of mineral nutrients, this then builds structures of such size and height, it is hard to realize their inner complexity. So, beg or borrow a Stethoscope and listen to the wonderful sound of a trees sap traveling skywards beneath its bark to the tree canopy, so that it may grow to produce seeds, and rise again. It is always a circular system in nature. 

All this is born from the composting of the Planet’s surface by algae, fungus and bacteria, breaking down the very primeval rock by producing digestive acids, melting and releasing useful mineral salts for producing the plethora of life we have today. So, remember, without energy from the Sun it would not happen.

Many places on the Planet have lost millions of tons of soil through even primitive agricultural endeavors over the centuries. Simply disturbing the soil releases Carbon and reduces fertility in the soil. In ancient times using only oxen and a wooden pointed plough has seen the soils degraded to desert regions that can be seen at this time on several continents. 

Today we utilize massive tractors, ploughs, rippers and rotary hoes that tear the soil to a fine tilth releasing more Carbon than has ever been released over the centuries.
Then we have to supplement the loss of fertility with destructive Chemical Fertilizers to grow the crops that are needed by our ever-growing world population. This raises the acid level of soils making it necessary to pour on tons of fine lime to bring the soil back to normal.

All this is extremely expensive and unnecessary when the natural seaweed-based system, using the POWER OF THE SUN through using Seaperia Super Concentrated Seaweed Spray has none of these problems. It grows great crops at a lesser cost, making it a more profitable exercise, but importantly ending up with magnificent fertile soils on your farm.

Fertility is not made from Chemical Fertilizers, it is made over many years by careful and educated soil husbandry, with a love for the land that enables it to be handed on generation after generation in a better state than it was received, giving pride in our actions and a basic honesty in knowing that we have treated our land well.

Fertility cannot be simply bought. It is a process that evolves from working with Nature and understanding how Nature Works. Building on that knowledge season after season, watching for the signs that show fertility is on the rise. And then, using nature, science PLUS Seaperia Seaweed SUPER CONCENTRATE to enhance what you have started, because Seaperia is THE KEY to building your farms fertility and your prosperity.

It is now possible to use the Suns Power and raise better, healthier crops and increased tonnage with the use of Seaperia Seaweed because seaweed is a MULTIFUNCTIONAL product doing many jobs at a time, by increasing Soil Fertility, increased Crop Weight plus Insect and Fungal control. What a saving and if you don’t believe it, contact us for further information and real help. 

We must change our farming practices to a more natural method or suffer the consequences of our actions and that may well be catastrophic, with famine in parts of the World that haven’t seen it for centuries.  Degrading of the soil will cause desertification and the Sun will become our enemy instead of our friend.

Looking at another branch of science we find all manner of synthetic cocktails, murderous dangerous poisons designed to kill in a war against anything that might make the smallest hole in a leaf or fruit. BUT the truth is very simple and natural. If plants are sick and their natural sugars are LOW, all manner of Insects and Fungus will attack the crop plants whatever type they are. 
Nature over billions of years developed these insect and fungal plant destroyers to kill the weak and sick, so healthy plant life can thrive. But often scientists believe WE are smarter than Nature and they must produce poisons to kill these so-called pests. There are problems resulting from the use of these new synthetic concoctions which are counterproductive and can be the cause of ever more problems for farming. 

Synthetic Insecticides used in chemical farming are now out of date dinosaurs of the last century and should be replaced by natural, less toxic and far less dangerous natural insecticides that do not leave residues in our foods or affect the balance of Nature.

Substitute Chemical sprays for more effective, safe, natural and soil building Seaperia Seaweed, it is SUPER CONCENTRATED and extremely effective, because it is NOT watered down and is made from the best seaweed for farming in the World. (See Prof. T. L. Senn Ph.D. “SEAWEED AND PLANT GROWTH”, an amazing work by this professor at Clemson University. South Carolina, USA. Written in plain English).

‘THERE IS AN ANSWER’ to this ongoing and annoying problem that the Chemical Fertilizer Companies DO NOT want you to know but it is becoming a massive and real problem for them in the near future. The fact is they are quickly running out of phosphate rock in the World, due to the exponential growth of Industrial Farming all over the Planet. There was obviously no real thought or planning for the future by these companies and the mines, this problem will affect the whole of the chemical farming community if they don’t change.

THE ANSWER IS SEAWEED to wake up the Soil Biome to unlock all those tons of Phosphates that were spread on your soils over the past seventy odd years. 

Bring back basic FERTILITY to the soil with Seaperia Seaweed and you will never need to buy fertilizers. The fastest method is to rest your paddocks with mixed pasture, running stock and spraying the pasture with Seaperia Seaweed after grazing, spray the NEW leaf and see a massive change in growth.

Seaperia will push the roots out and down deeper without ripping your soil and cause an explosion of soil life to occur adding to natural fertility.
‘THE POWER OF THE SUN’… vastly reduces costs, no fertilizer to buy because it is being released from your soil day in day out.  You will really see a difference wherever Seaweed is applied on your farm. But remember, Spray the Leaf NOT the Soil. Use the power of Seaperia Seaweed and the SUN. You will never look back.   

Epic! blog post by Grahame.


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