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Seaweed for Dog Teeth and Fresh Breath!

Lately we’ve had more and more enquiries from pet owners asking if our Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed is good for their dog’s dental health.

Well yes it is!

Just take a look at this comment Rachelle left on our online store recently...

"2nd time round purchasing for my greyhound.

I hadn't paid heaps of attention to how well it worked till I stopped using it for a while and changed his kibble. 
A quick peek at his teeth revealed brown plaque build up half way down his canine. 
Back onto the seaweed meal we went and within weeks the coverage reduced by more than half. 
A supplement for life.
I tell anyone who will listen, and even some who won't."

Good on you Rachelle! Thanks heaps!

And another from Leanne in Melbourne...

"I thought I would try the Seaperia Meal for my dog, who had a lot of plaque build up on her teeth. The vet was saying I would need to consider sedating her for a proper teeth clean.
After only 3 weeks of daily use, her teeth are nearly all back to beautiful pearly white.
I can hardly believe the difference!
So much cheaper than a vet clean and such an easy routine to just add a spoonful to her nightly meal.
So thank you, I will be back for more when this lot runs out."

You can buy Seaperia Seaweed Meal from our online store here or read on for more information, a scientific study, a yummy treats recipe and a cute puppy photo.

The fact is periodontal disease is bad news for dogs. It causes bad breath and can be painful. And expensive! And just as in humans, poor dental health in animals can be linked to diseases of the heart and other organs.

But the good news is that YES! Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed is proven to improve the health of your dog’s teeth, remove plaque and help with bad breath.

This was proven in a study*, published last year, in which 60 dogs were studied over 90 days. One half were given a placebo kibble and the other half were given a kibble that contained .05 of a gram of Ascophyllum nodosum.

All the dogs had their teeth professionally cleaned before starting the study.

The study found that “The consumption of edible treats containing Ascophyllum nodosum efficiently decreased plaque and calculus accumulation in the investigated dogs. Dogs treated with Ascophyllum nodosum also exhibited significantly lower concentrations of VSC and better oral health status than those in the placebo-control group.”

Remember, Seaperia Meal is simply 100% pure, natural, organic Ascophyllum nodosum.

We all know how expensive a trip to the vet can be - depending on the size of your dog it can cost more than $100 to have tartar cleaned and even more for removals.

I was at the vet just yesterday. We have a new puppy! Coco had to have her shots and our other dog LiLi (who you would’ve seen if you follow us on facebook) had to have her boosters.

The vet commented to me that 4 year old LiLi’s teeth were clean and healthy – well that’s because LiLi has had a pinch of Seaweed in her food every day since she was a puppy.

And now Coco has Seaweed as well. Seaweed doesn’t just help their teeth, it’s also great for their coat and skin, and their overall health and immune function.

It will help her grow up big and strong…… well, maybe not big. She is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua after all!

Here’s my recipe for healthy dog treats using Seaweed...

1 cup rice flour

½ cup rolled oats

1 tsp Seaweed Meal

2 eggs

2 big teaspoons peanut butte
Just mix everything in a bowl, if it’s a bit dry add a bit of water. Then roll teaspoonsful into balls, onto a baking tray and flatten out to about 3mm thick.

Bake in a slow oven for 30-45 minutes until they’re dry and hard.

Click here to buy Seaperia Seaweed Meal.

Blog post and recipe by Liz

*Gawor J, Jank M, Jodkowska K, Klim E, Svensson UK. Effects of Edible Treats Containing Ascophyllum nodosum on the Oral Health of Dogs: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Single-Center Study. Front Vet Sci. 2018 Jul 27;5:168. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2018.00168. PubMed PMID: 30109236; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6080642.


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