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Losing weight with seaweed

Are you one of those many Aussies who get to the end of winter and realise you've added a couple of kilos?
All that hot winter comfort food and sitting around in warm, cosy houses is super enjoyable but not that great for our long-term health.

Forget those awful weight loss shakes - how can they possibly be good for your health?! Shelve those strict fad diets, you want to choose what you eat.

With Seagreens you can reduce your calorie intake and get a superfood boost at the same time.

Seagreensยฎ nutritious, organic, dried, and milled seaweed is like a secret weapon for any weight management plan.

Daily Seagreens can help out with weight management in a bunch of ways:

  • It makes you feel full (satiety boost, they call it)

  • It tames the blood sugar roller coaster

  • It brings a healthy balance of nutrients to the table

  • It's a detox superstar

  • It's a friend to your gut

  • Plus, it actually tastes good!

Basically, Seagreens has got your back when it comes to watching your weight. Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University found that folks who added Seagreens to their diet consumed around 179 fewer calories a day on average. And let's be honest, 100 fewer calories is like finding gold in the weight loss world.

Seagreens works its magic through a trio of tactics:

  1. The Alginate Effect: There's this thing called alginates in Seagreens that makes you feel fuller. Think of it like a natural stomach-filling jelly.

  2. Slow Energy Release: Seagreens keeps your blood sugar in check, so you're not going from "full" to "hangry" in a snap. It's like the anti-sugar rush.

  3. Nutritional Balance: Your body craves nutrients, and when you give it the good stuff (like Seagreens), it's less likely to send out the "feed me" signals.

And there's more! Seagreens also helps with detox, helps your gut stay happy, and even has antibacterial superpowers.

Oh, and it tastes good too! Back in 2011, Seagreens got a nod from Research Councils UK for replacing salt in food. It's got that yum factor while keeping sodium levels in check and adding a punch of nutrients.

So this Spring, or any time, sprinkle some seaweed goodness on your plate and get those calories under control.

Whether you prefer taking capsules or adding granules to your food or drinks, Seagreens has got you sorted.

Head to our online store to start your weight loss journey today.

Links to all research articles and further info here.


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