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Dulse seaweed recipes

Want to know what to do with Dulse? Need some Dulse flakes benefits?  It's easy to add a little Dulse to your meals.

Dulse is known as the "bacon-flavoured" seaweed. We can give you some Dulse seaweed recipes ideas but it's easy to come up with your own because wherever you would usually use bacon you can substitute dulse.

Dulse tastes delicious with eggs... scrambled, poached, fried... however you like your eggs a sprinkle of Dulse will take them to a whole new level.

And if you think bacon and avocado are a match made in heaven, next time you have avo on toast try it with a good sprinkle of Dulse. Delicious! And you can't beat that Dulse seaweed nutrition.

Make your next salad a superfood salad, add it to a superfood bowl. We want to eat the rainbow so add some purple and red with Dulse!

You can even add Dulse to a G&T, or simply snack it straight out of the pack. Forget those asian seaweed snacks, Atlantic Dulse is the cleanest, healthiest seaweed you can get.


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