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Best value seaweed!

How could the cheapest seaweed be the best?

When it comes to gardening and lawn care, fertilisers such as Scott’s Lawn Builder, Blood and Bone fertiliser or Osmocote are effective in getting the job done and producing results, but what about the aftermath of some of the chemicals?

So, how could the cheapest seaweed be the best fertiliser? It is a premium product, 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum, yet it is the cheapest way to buy seaweed for your plants and crops. Additionally, Ascophyllum nodosum works wonders as a lawn fertiliser and is the most effective organic fertiliser you can buy.

Of course, this may be construed as biased; however, others who have tried Seaperia agree. I recently came across this article about the best fertilisers, and they mentioned Seaperia!

So how can the best product be the cheapest?

Simple. We don't transport water as is the case with liquids.

Let's do the maths for commercial growers...

Leading brands of liquid fertilisers, such as Seasol (- 200 litres $1692)

They say 5 to 10 litres per ha, so at their lowest rate it will cover 40ha and cost you $42.30 per hectare.

Seaperia Soluble - 40kg (2 x 20kg bags) $1450

We say standard rate 1kg per ha, so 40kg will cover 40ha and cost you $36.25 per hectare.

Let's put it in a table to make it easy...





Cost per ha


Actual seaweed

Other Commercial



5 l/ha




Seaperia Soluble

2 x 20kg


1 kg/ha




Let us do the maths for home gardeners...

A leading brand of liquid seaweed - 1.2 litres... $12.26 (seems cheap!)

They say 30 ml per 9-litre watering can, so their pack will make 40 watering cans at 30 cents per can.

Seaperia Soluble - 250g... $21.00 (wait for it!...)

1 teaspoon (2 grams) per 10-litre watering can, so our pack will make 125 watering cans at 17 cents per can!




Litres of spray made

Cost per 10 litres spray

Standard liquid seaweed

1.2 litre



30 cents

Seaperia Soluble




less than 17 cents

So there you have the actual cost in dollars $$$. And how much you can save instead of buying liquid fertiliser for lawns, plants & crops!

But what about other costs of liquids?

The cost to your body is moving big, heavy containers of liquid fertiliser.

The cost to our planet of all that extra plastic they use.

The cost in carbon emissions when transporting all that water.

With Seaperia, you are saving these costs as well.

If you want value for money Seaperia is the best value seaweed you can buy. Not only is it cheaper but it works better!

Seaperia has no chemical additives, no sterilisers or stabilisers. It is pure, organic Ascophyllum nodosum, proven to be the most effective for agriculture and gardens.

What more proof do you need that Seaperia is the Superior Seaweed!


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